by Carrie Adams

417247_3179439332483_1460645644_3160282_93852728_nAs the Spartan Brand Ambassador and a frequent participant in the Spartan events myself, I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the country and meet amazing Spartans on the course on race day.  I’ve met extraordinary people in my travels and made friends everywhere I’ve been.  It has made leaving home easier because of all the amazing people I’ve met on the journey.

This last weekend, however, I was in a different scenario.  I was watching two of my best friends and training partners leave our hometown, in Omaha, NE and head West to take on the Super Spartan at the Rawhide Ranch in Arizona and I wouldn’t be going with them.  

Shelley Fast and Casey Sinz have been preparing for months at a local gym and outside for the race but also oftentimes coming to my own garage for old school  WOD’s at my house and in my backyard.  We threw rocks, carried sandbags, bear crawled up and down hills, filled rucks with weighs, ran repeats, and did handstand push-ups.   We trained in the heat, in the cold, in the rain and snow, and even were out on the pavement before the sun was up or long after the sun had set most days.  They left home ready to take on the race, 427311_2689434677042_1291726733_32144138_1082220396_nbut unsure of what would face them in the Arizona heat.   I knew they’d be challenged but they were prepared.

Texting me from the start line, they were anxious but excited and a few short hours later, I got a triumphant message, “We did it!  Awesome!!!”   And they would come home with their hard earned finisher medals and their stories of how they battled the heat and the obstacles and the 8.5 miles of trails to come home true Spartans and certified Spartan chicks! 

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    THANK YOU!!!!!! It was AMAZING!

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    Amazing experience! Challenging but very fun race, well organized. Can’t wait for the next one :)

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    Greetings from Scotland – I only heard about Spartan Racing about a month ago and since then have read up a few articles and today your blog. I am hoping to have a few like-minded girls (chicks I see the official term is :-) together as a team for the London Beast – not sure if I am biting of more than I can chew but gonna give it my best. I enjoyed your blog and will keep reading and learning from seasoned Spartans – good job ladies. Any help or advice from you would be appreciated.

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      hey bro so let me ask this cuz i just got it so let say i go to the gym at 7pm but by 12am i want to go bed cuz i work the next day .does it give u so much energy that wont let sleep at nite?? i just want to know incsae i cant drink this late or if it have to be early in the morning?

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    Great job AMY! I repeated Helen alectxy as it was prior to the challenge. I PR’ed by 2:05 from the first run through (from 14:05 to 12:00). I attribute the majority of this to Tim. Thanks for a happier shoulder this time around (rest, strengthening and no OHS’s has certainly started my shoulder down the right path)! My running was better this time around as well, but the shoulder work (pullups) was MUCH better this time around. I want to thank Tim and Jason for cheering me on during the WOD and keeping me going at a faster pace. For a guy with a migraine this morning, I’d say this was an excellent result in the gym tonight

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