by Carrie Adams

This weekend marked the longest Spartan Death Race since it’s inception in 2005.  The course was arguably the most grueling ever taken on by the few who bravely sign the Death Waiver required to participate.  230 would begin but most wouldn’t finish.  Stories of survival and heroism are pouring in and in honor of Spartan Chicked Tuesday, we want to bring you some of the early tales from some incredible Spartan women.

Every Death Race since the beginning has featured amazing, strong women who alongside their male counterparts battle the elements, fatigue, tasks, terrain, not to mention the Race Directors Joe and Andy, to earn their finisher skulls.  This year was no different.  Women came from all over the country to find out if they could survive the Death Race.

Official race results are on the way, but we wanted to share just a few of the many stories from some of the amazing women who took on the longest Death Race in history.

Joei Harrision is a survivor.  The female leader for several hours of the race, she survived a devastating car accident in 2004 that nearly claimed her life, but she survived and has spent the last several months in preparation for the Death Race with earnest.  The last unofficial finisher, with an unofficial finishing time of 67 hrs 52 minutes, she returned to the race after having dropped out for medical reasons.  She came roaring back unexpectedly and finished with a smile on her face.  Spartan’s own Chris Davis serving as motivator by her side in the end.

Amelia Boone, Winter Death Race third place finisher also finished this

Boone, Winter Death Race 2012

race in a top spot.  Claiming second place overall for the women (unofficial) the Chicago attorney proved that she can handle Vermont in the Summer and Winter with toughness and fortitude.  Finishing her race in 60 hours and 53 minutes (UO) she cites the 60lb cement bag carry to the top of the mountain as her proudest moment on the course.  This race nearly doubled the Winter Death Race in time and Boone’s feet are hurting for her efforts.  ”Walking isn’t working” she joked on her FB page, but true to form she never lost her smile or her will and she heads home with a second skull for her collection.

Morgan McKay earned her own skull around 62 hours into the race.  She was one of the few to finish the grueling event but that’s only part of her heroic story.  Along with friend Anthony Matesi  they were told at hour 50 that they had missed official cut-off times and would not be able to qualify as finishers.  Instead of quitting, they chose to continue, wanting to finish the event anyway and they were rewarded for their choice.  Told at the finish, “The only person who can disqualify you is you.”  Their determination earned them their own Death Race finisher skulls.

A huge thank you to one of the original Spartan Chicks – Margaret Schlachter, the recent New York Sprint’s second place finisher, for her streaming videos and interviews she captured LIVE after taking on over 30 hours of the race herself.  She stayed onsite as volunteer and unofficial Spartan Press with her Dirt in Your Skirt recaps when her own race was over.  She caught some great moments on camera that you can visit HERE.

There are many more stories coming out of this historic event and we’re proud of all those – male and female who stepped up to the monumental survival challenge of the infamous Spartan Death Race.

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    Thank you Carrie for the news update. I loved every moment of the race. I think next year I will bring crew and not take on the Death Race solo.

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    Congratulations ladies! I hope to someday do this, I’m just beginning my journey into fitness and these types of events but I aspire to try this within the next few years.

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      I should correct myself while re-reading this. I’ve done one 3 mile obstacle and have 3 more scheduled this summer/fall.. but then hoping to step it up.

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    Chris I am so proud of you baby boy! I have been following you like I promised I would when you left here and didn’t I tell you that YOU were going to be changing the lives of so many people on this journey?! Just look at you now, wow , I love you so much and am so proud of you. I know you will do this and you are already doing so much that you may not even realize, You are breathing LIFE into so many people and you are only getting started – Remember to “find your happy place……LOL” Get in touch with me when YOU need some encouragement I will always be there for you. Love you so much! Keep going strong hooooo-raaaaahhhhh! You are SPARTAN STRONG and unstoppable!

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