by Delaine Anderson, Spartan Chick

The Beginning

Call me Jane Doe. I was your average, … well, maybe never average, but I was definitely not what you’d refer to as an athletic “40-something” year old female. The year was 2010, and I decided I wanted to try running. It always seemed like something I might like to do, but I tended to be more of a “gym rat”, drawn to working out with weights. “Mix it up,” I thought; so I signed up for my first 5k.

By the time Christmas rolled around, I was filling out my wish list for my personal Santa; and I came across a Mud Run ad and knew that sounded like something I needed to do. Running 5k’s and road running just didn’t hold a “thrill” for me. Santa came through in flying colors that year (thank you, Mark Giffune)! I couldn’t have been more excited nor more nervous and nauseous at the same time.  With that race, I got hooked into the world of Obstacle Course Racing! I had never experienced such an endorphin high as when I was taking on the obstacles, running the switchback trails, and encountering “teamwork” in the truest sense of my life.

Spartan Race

Still on the high from my introduction to my new obsession, I registered, along with my first team, for the 2011 GA Spartan Race. This race was different for me; I still had that “high” but I felt like Spartan Racing was “home”. The obstacles felt like more of a true challenge of my physical abilities, my determination, and my endurance. How could I not want to invite everyone I knew to run these races with me? I’ve worked in sales in the past and knew that if my heart wasn’t in it, it would be a hard sell. I am PASSIONATE about this!

When I heard about the opportunity to be a part of the Spartan Street Team and read about the cool swag and opportunities for promoting Spartan Race, I knew I had to be a part (who doesn’t like swag and free races, right?)!


As I continued on in my personal quest for the Trifecta Tribe in 2012, my travels took me to Virginia for the MidAtlantic Super where I had the opportunity to meet Spartan Race enthusiasts from around the country. I was also privileged to meet the Elite Runners in person who I had read about and admired (Hobie Call, Andi Hardy, Margaret Schlachter, and Alec Blenis) and to see the spectacular entrance of Team X-T.R.E.M.E. and progress through the final 3 obstacles. What I really started to learn at that race was the true sense of community in Spartan Racing.

Two months later, I journeyed on to complete the final leg of my Trifecta in South Carolina at the Beast. The thrill I felt at finishing that race and receiving that Trifecta Medal can be compared to few moments in my life. I had done it! And I made a lot of new friends in the process at the campsite, online through the Street Team FaceBook page, and at the venue.

My ride to the Carolina Beast was with Matt B. Davis. He told me something on that trip that has stuck with me. He told me how people in the Spartan Race community “pay it forward”; they help one another out, whether it’s through great discount codes, free races, carpooling, sharing hotel rooms, encouraging one another, and just being a team. I’ve come to truly understand that in the time since then…

Next week we’ll feature the rest of Delaine’s story.  Are you ready to find a Spartan finish line?  Register today. 

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