by Carrie Adams

In 2010, Margaret Schlachter ran her first ever Spartan Race in Killington, VT and was hooked.  Also an original member of the Spartan Chicked movement, she’s been rocking the Chicked gear since the Beast in Vermont last August where she took home a third place finish.  Nearly two years after her maiden race, she’s risen to unseen heights by any female obstacle racers before her securing sponsorships with such names as CW-X compression gear, and Road ID and even winning an award for her blog Dirt in Your Skirt in 2012.  Her journey has taken her even further… she’s now an official Team Gaspari Athlete.

Spartan has been proudly partnering with Gaspari Nutrition in 2012, even featuring296910_584207022430_14900272_32382720_1878816575_n once weekly WOD posts from Gaspari Athlete James Villepigue.  Their supplements are game changing in the training game and we’re happy to have them on hand in custom bags at several of our 2012 races.  This new sponsorship of Schlachter marks a new turn in obstacle racing where female athletes are getting support and recognition for the emerging sport.  Step by muddy step, she’s blazing trails for other female athletes and writing about her experience. 

We congratulate Margaret, one of our own, and urge you to keep your eyes on this up and comer.  She has an ambitious race calendar in 2012 and we look forward to seeing her perform and compete!   Follow her blog Dirt in Your Skirt to hear all about her training and racing adventures!  We’ll be posting her blogs and her Team Gaspari updates on our wall too, so stay tuned!

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    I got two words for ya. LOVE IT! For so long, I’ve been an athletic female who tends to end up in male dominated fields, as so many of the girls around me are too obsessed about hair, nails…god forbid they get …dirty. I am an athletic woman who likes to “clean up good” when I’m not working in the field or doing repairs around the house. But, I can’t keep a clean set of nails for more than 2 days to save my life, break the longer one’s off opening a paint bucket, etc. I’m volunteering for the 2012 Pacific NW Spartan Sprint, as I find myself financially challenged as an out-of-work sheet metal worker. I’m jazzed to see what it’s all about. Margaret, you are a breath of fresh air. Good for you. Looking forward to “taking notes” as a volunteer so I can get down and dirty in 2013!

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