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The Spartan Race community has always been comprised of some pretty incredible women and the Spartan Chicked movement, which is just over a year old is adding new women all the time.  Recently, we held our Amesbury, MA event and some awesome stories were sent and shared with Spartan HQ Publishing.  We heard from Spartan Veteran Aja, who suffered an ankle injury while racing resulting in her first DNF this weekend.  She blogged about her experience HERE and her Spartan spirit refuses to be broken despite the disappointment of the injury.  

Emily Ware, Amesbury 2012

We also heard from Emily Ware, an first timer Amesbury racer, who had an experience  she wanted to share that started almost a year ago when she first saw Spartan Race videos online.  She spent the last several months preparing, despite set-backs and obstacles and finished her first race this past weekend!  She is registered for a Super and the Killington Beast as well, so we’ll be seeing much more of Emily this year. 

We are always thankful to our community, who share their stories and lives generously, and who continue to give us so many reasons to be thankful to do what we do and keep racing all over the world.  Here is Emily’s story in her own words. 

Last summer I ended up looking up Spartan races due to a friend running one. I ended up stuck to my computer screen looking at Spartan videos and looking into a zombie race I was also interested in, excited, and inspired.

I haven’t run any type of race since middle school track and I was always a sprinter, not an endurance runner. I had family issues over the years but things are relatively calm now. Having a nine-year-old and being a single mother has been an incredible challenge and adventure that I have loved, while juggling work and college.

I haven’t been in fabulous physical shape in many years. I was a HEAVY smoker for 16 years, and despite multiple attempts to quit, never succeeded until this past October after being inspired by Spartan and obstacle course races.  I quit cold turkey this time. I have not touched a cigarette in almost a year now, and have no plans on touching one ever again.

Before I even stepped foot on the course, I’ve faced many obstacles.  There have been personal mental illness struggles, lung problems and asthma, migraines, the death of a friend, and a back injury but I started training last fall and I’m STILL training. There have been times where I have fallen off the tracks with my exercise and dietary issues. Yet I keep climbing back on, and have kept on moving.

My back injury was difficult. I thought I might have to pull out of my Spartan that I had registered for. Through a lot of physical

Emily Ware

therapy and work, I am where I’m at: I just completed my 1st ever Spartan Sprint at Amesbury on Saturday!! I ran in the 1:30 Chicked Heat.  Amesbury tested me mentally and physically in ways I can’t even describe. I had to keep pushing my negative over anxious thoughts aside, and push myself physically beyond my normal limits. I also was initially alone, and found a friend in another newbie, Nina, and she and I helped each other through and stuck with each other through most of the course.

My time was nothing to brag about but to have made it through it and finish was a remarkable thing for me, mentally as well as physically…

And I have more races ahead of me.  Before I did my Sprint I registered for both the NJ Super, as well as the Killington Beast, once I had clearance from my physical therapist. I am scared to death of the bigger races (especially now that I’ve been through my Sprint), but I have faith that one foot in front of the other and with the help of those around me, I will make it, and gain my trifecta medal, which I so greatly look forward to!

I have lost my “Sparkle” (a Spartan Chicked term for first time racers), but am continuing to shine, look forward to continuing to better myself, train, and enjoy my races! Let me just say as a testament to these races: Despite log-rolling my very sore self out of bed this morning due to the race yesterday, I really wanted to be down there w/ the Spartan crew I’ve become connected with today at day 2 of Amesbury, and if my body was in better shape I would have loved to run it AGAIN! You WILL know at that finish line….

Stay strong, keep moving, and never give up!!!

Are you ready to get registered?  What are you waiting for?  Go HERE and get signed up.


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