by Michael Levine

In preparation for attacking the Spartan Amesbury Sprint, Jen Fleury hired a local training guru Angela Garcia to get her into fighting form for her first ever Spartan Race.  With her confidence and fitness levels elevated, she set off for Amesbury to conquer the sprint.  A devoted mother of two who works out in her spare time, she’s also attending school at night.  Fleury is a busy Spartan!

As the race began, Jen was off amongst the crowd of racers heading up the first hill.  She emerged from the woods and approached the first obstacle head-on as a new racer should.  However, as she jumped into the first mud pit, she landed on a rock and let out a deafening scream.  Pulling herself out of the mud she continued on into the subsequent pits, refusing to give up, cursing with every step she took.

Even after several members of the team encouraged her to tap out, she still refused.   Hobbling in pain, she managed to finish the entire course in one hour and forty minutes.  A short while later during the post-race celebration, people started to think that she may have broken something.  After a night reeling in pain, it was off to the ER for a CT scan.  The test showed that Jen had four breaks in her Talus bone (the bone between your two ankle bones).  The doctor immediately restricted her movement and ordered no weight bearing.

In just another two weeks, Jen will find out how she is healing, and more importantly, if she needs surgery to correct the issue.  Here at Spartan Race, we wanted to wish Jen the best in a speedy recovery.  Hope to see her out there soon!

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