by Carrie Adams

The Spartan Chicked movement began in August of 2011 and has since grown into a movement of incredible women all over the planet.  Over 130,000 women have crossed a Spartan Race finish line and in 2011, only roughly 25% of Spartan Race competitors were female.  We saw those numbers increase to 32% on average and in some races closer to 40% female in 2012.  With Spartan Chicked gear and emerging female champions and advocates the Spartan Chicked campaign is set to grow into new heights in 2013.

One of the most treasured rites of passages involves a Spartan Chick “losing her sparkle” which means she does her first Spartan Race.  Malibu saw many a Spartan Chick lose her sparkle and Meghan Henry told me her story.   When she had signed up for the race she was unemployed and ready for a challenge.  ”The Malibu Spartan Race on December 2nd was a long time coming for me….well, at least it felt that way.”

As the race neared, the panic began to set in, “I started feeling entirely unprepared.I landed a job, didn’t have as much time to train and was just generally freaked out.”

Her fears even infiltrated her sleep.  She found herself having nightmares about the race, “…several nights in a row.”   She knew she had to buckle down saying, “Finally, a couple weeks before the race, I resigned myself to the fact that a) I would survive and b) if I could just finish it would be a huge accomplishment.”

On race day, she was no longer nervous about what lay ahead, she was excited.  ” There was a buzz in the air, the smell of BBQ, Spartan’s “AROO”ing as other racers headed off into the hills.”

Henry wasn’t alone on race day, “My sweet mom came to cheer me on. ( I don’t think she had a clue of the scope of the Spartan Race before she arrived).  She took the obligatory “pre-race” photos of me and then 8:45 arrived.”

She also had some inspiration before she even began, “As we were waiting I spotted Margaret Schlachter and Chris Davis up on the main stage.”

One of the first obstacles dumped the racers into a chilly pond, and after the smoke-filled start, Henry said she was able to jump in without any hesitation.  More obstacles lay ahead, Henry recounted, “We climbed some walls, Hobie hopped up a hill, navigated through some crazy terrain, carried sandbags, conquered the slippery wall and (of course) did some burpees….seriously, those Monkey Bars are slippery!”

Nearing the finish, Henry knew she was coming close to the end and the final fire jump before the gladiators.  ” I gracefully leapt over the fire and then met with some ANGRY gladiators.  They jabbed at me (totally okay) and then one side swiped my leg (not okay) .  I fell to the ground and my ankle totally gave out and I could feel the sprain.  Not my finest Spartan moment.  I got up, limped (pathetically) towards the finish line and got my medal. I was battered and bruised, but the first thing that went through my mind was “Can I go run it again?”

And just like that, she lost her sparkle… and she gained some hardware (a few bruises) and the pride that comes with crossing a Spartan finish line.  She’s headed to SoCal in January and can’t wait to take on the extra mileage in the legendary Temecula course.  Want to join her?  Get signed up today.   




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