by Carrie Adams

Team Braveheart, Staten Island 2011

Since the arrival of Spartan Races on the scene in 2010, we’ve been grateful to hear from our racing community on how Spartan Races are changing lives and inspiring those who take on the challenge.  More and more participants are choosing to take on our races in teams.  Inspiring one another not just on the race course but in training for the upcoming races.  One our our 2012 partners, Gaspari Nutrition, features a team known as Team Braveheart that is led by a very special woman, Jen Rosant.  Jen Rosant brought her team to Staten Island in 2011 and plans on returning to several Spartan Races with her incredible team.  They exemplify the Spartan spirit, never giving up, never leaving one another behind, and committing to much more than just one race, but a lifestyle of getting off the couch and getting out on the course.

Rosant said of their Staten Island experience, “On September 24th 2011, Team Braveheart confronted Sparta in Staten Island, NY.  The Super Spartan challenged us, exhausted us and changed our lives! In the end, our hearts felt ripped out but there was nothing like the feeling of VICTORY and honor to wear the Spartan Finisher Medal! The Spartan Race has energy about it unlike any other competition.  Here you could truly find the meaning of your strength, your courage, your beliefs and most of all YOURSELF!  Team Braveheart’s goal is to motivate the world while The Spartan Race is taking over the world! (A great match) Bring on the fire, mud and insane obstacles- “The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory.”

We are proud to have such motivated and inspiring individuals coming to our courses time and time again in search of the Spartan finish line!  You can read Jen’s blog HERE about all Team Braveheart’s adventures!

You can also check out Gaspari’s sponsored WOD’s every Monday night on our blog and on FB!

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    With the passing of Andy Whitfield “Spartacus” star of Spartacus: Blood and Sand television series has there been any thought of raising money at the Spartan races to donate for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer research?

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