Since arriving in Pittsfield on in late July, Danny Rodriguez is undergoing a full body transformation! On August 7, Danny weighed in at 374 pounds, a 36 pound loss from his initial arrival. The 10 days prior, he lived in a stone hut only accessible by foot, without power or running water. He was living on apples and water for his initial food detox.

He’s now down in the village doing daily workouts and work and living on a raw diet managed by Spartan founder Joe De Sena and spartan staffers and professional athletes. As of this week, Danny is weighing in at 345 pounds and taking on challenges he never thought possible. On August 24, Rodriguez completed a 10+ mile hike and has been tackling his workouts, nutrition, and healthy way of living with a vengeance.

We first met Danny at the Midwest Spartan and he has already come a long way. Then, he weighed in just over 400 pounds. That makes his total weight loss 65 pounds. He has a long way to go, but we know he will continue to make progress and push through to find new heights in his training and full mind-body transformation.

What is your excuse?  It’s time to get off the couch and outside in the mud!  Find a race near you HERE. 

Go #TeamDanny

[Photos courtesy of Marion Abrams, and Mad Motion]

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    GOOD LUCK DANNY!! Proud of your accomplishments….

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    Danny first off I want you to know how inspired I am by your story. I saw my first spartan race in March that some friends of mine were in I promised myself that the following March I would be in the next race. I’ve lost 120 pounds in 8 month’s with the help of gastric bypass and a healthy diet. But somethings been missing… exercise!!! I don’t know if I’m scared or if I’ve just got myself in the mind set I can’t do it. But after seeing your story I’m so inspired and I’ve finally gotten back on track so I can be ready in March 2014. I may not be in the shape I would like to be but I’m gonna give it my all between now and then. And regardless I will be in that sprint and I will finish. Good luck on your journey and thanks for the inspiration I desperately needed.

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    Wow!!!! You are amazing! this is only the beginning & you’re going to inspire many others to change their lives as well :)

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    My HERO!!!!!!!! I am so proud and happy for you. All of us here at my TOPS group are watching your progress. Danny, God bless you and all your hard work. YOU ROCK!!!!

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    Great meeting you this week. You are such an inspirataion! Go Danny!

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