by Carrie Adams

Spartan racers are amazing athletes.  Regardless of personal goals, they show up and continue to prove what it takes to get the job done!

At our first ever Spartan Beast, we got flooded with pictures, stories, blogs, and videos about racer experiences that we knew we had to share.  Through blogs, photos, and videos these Spartans manage to tell their tales that are unique, personal, and inspiring.

Here’s just a few insights from our first ever Spartan Beast racers in Killington, Vermont.

Race Blogs:

Alex Matthews:

spartan-finish-beer_thumbTwo days after the Spartan Beast Race, a 13-mile trail and obstacle course challenge in Killington, Vt., I think I have the brainpower to reflect on the 6 hours and 15 minutes my younger brother, Will, and I spent out on the mountain.

Before the start, we watched a couple hundred in the elite crew head out at 9 a.m. We were in the 10 a.m. wave and happy to have them go first, break the trail and show us what we were in for. Read more Mission Complete Here at Anything Active.

Sherry Post:

284880_2232455218472_1460645644_2597[2]Where to start with the journey for the GREEN FINISHER MEDAL, OH MY!

Initially, I enlisted in the Spartan Race – Beast in hopes for FAST recovery to my already injured knee (obstacle course abuse! LOL! severe patella tendinitis and going for MRI) and shoulder (dislocated 2x in past year). As time pressed on getting closer to the race, I knew I was not even 70% to being recovered from the overuse of my knee. The mental battle between knowing I am mentally strong to finish, but the fear of pushing the limits physically on my injuries was a continued argument in my head.

Read more about Going for the Green Here.

William Laramee:

Well after 5hrs and 5 minutes of an elevated heart rate, loosing my water bottles on at least 6 occasions, almost expelling my breakfast on the person in front of me, I’m home safely from the Spartan Beast.

Read More About William’s Journey Becoming a Beast Here.

Paul DiMarino:

R1-06693-000A_0001The Spartan Beast lived up to its name and delivered. It was 12.8 miles of grueling terrain and challenging obstacles. It’s a must do for any avid adventure runner. Read more of Paul’s review at!

You Tube Videos and Racer Pictures

The-Beast_thumb1Mike Miller decided to make it permanent! Check out his new ink!

Nice way to show your Spartan love!

Sometimes a video is worth 1,000 words. Here are just a few.

Enter video caption here

Danielle Smith and her crew ran the Spartan Beast and did a great job and seemed to even have a lot of fun in the process!

Enter video caption here

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    The beast at killington was amazing, it looked and sounded amazing too. Spartans bring the race to Manchester, NH or somewhere close. Please an thank yous

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