by Carrie Adams

The Killington Beast proved to be one of the most memorable Spartan battlegrounds to date.  Once people got home (and the swelling went down), the emails flooded into Spartan HQ telling stories of survival on the mountain and how the obstacles and single track trail were some of the toughest our Spartan athletes have faced.  However, some of the most memorable quotes were heard on the mountain by some of our very own Spartan employees.  (You know we run our own races, right?)

Our take-away?  Spartans are not only resilient, they are also quite FUNNY.  Here’s a few (that we could remember.) 

thebeast-161. This is the hardest race I’ve ever done and yet I’m still smiling.  I think I need a Power Bar.  That’s the first sign of being delusional. 

2. This is harder that child birth and I have had two kids.

3. Maybe I didn’t do enough carb loading?  Carbs are, like, magic… right?  Ugh, now I want pizza.

4. Would you take a picture of my leg bruise?  I got mine at the barbed wire pit, where’dthebeast-53 you get yours? 

5. The Spartan chicks are hot…. I wish the last one would have chicked me slightly more slowly. 

6. You started at 9?   I started at 10:30, why am I beating you?  I bet Hobie Call is already home napping. 

7. The people at work are NEVER going to believe what I did this weekend. 

thebeast-508. Just breathe.  There’s just a rope ladder to climb, another rope to traverse, a slippery wall, and a spear to throw left…oh yeah, and the three huge Spartan Gladiators with pugil sticks to get passed.  (With a quarter mile to go.)

9. I don’t need to be able to walk when we get done, do I?  I mean, the volunteers will carry us back to our cars, right?  That’s part of their job, right?

10. So, what you’re saying is that we are running up double black diamond slopes thatthebeast-59 are equipped with a fully functional ski lift?  Okay, just checking.

11. Girl One: You think they have port-a-potties out here? 

Girl Two: Just go.  I did. 

Girl One: Like, just now you did?

Girl Two: I think so. 

12. If that dude throws me over this eight foot wall right now, I’ll buy him an entire keg ofthebeast-71 beer at the after party tonight. 

13. I hear music, I think that means we’re close… or I’m now hearing things.  Either way, it’s catchy so I am going with it.

14. That’s not mud, it’s mushy banana.  I had it in my bra but it got squashed when I did the barbed wire crawl.   I’ll still eat it though. 

15. That was the craziest thing I’ve ever done… I can’t wait for the next one. 


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What do you most remember (or not) about your Spartan experience?  Post pictures and one liners to our wall, there may be a T-shirt in it for you with your quote on it… Want to know what all the buzz is about?  Get signed up for a race today and find out. 


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    The Spartan Beast was the most fun I have ever had with out BEER! Bruises, cuts swollen knee and elbow, quads beaten to a pulp and excruciating leg cramps. What more could you want.Can’t wait till the next one.

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    Ok #14 actually made me laugh out loud. I then had to read it, aloud, to persons who had no insight into the Spartan life.

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    I did the Beast in Killington, racing in the 9 AM start. Last Saturday, a friend (that raced with me) and I decided to retrace our race experience. To make the climbs more interesting, I carried a 50 lb sandbag and she carried a 30 lb sandbag. The trail was definitely still there. In the trees, there were tons of the Spartan Race banners still tied in place and up the first hill, the grass trail was a now mud in many places. Little springs and damp spots found a path of little resistance and began to flow easily- the erosion made the trail more muddy than on race day.

    When we got to the summit of the first peak, we stopped to look around. It was great to enjoy the view! As we started to pick our way down the hill, some of the trail was hard to find. However, to our dismay, we could always find the trail due to litter left by our fellow racers. Wrappers from energy bars, gu packs, bottles, clothing, etc. As proud as we were to finish the race, this cast a cloud over the glory.

    We continued retracing the course for several more miles, up and down the hills. We followed the trail past the barb wire area and up the hill. We kept going for another hour, but had to turn back as a large thunder storm formed. It was good that we stopped when we did. I don’t think I have ever seen it rain so hard.

    In the end, what a fun, challenging day. We enjoyed sharing race stories and seeing the course again. Hopefully, next year, Spartans will be encouraged to carry their garbage to the end of the race and not litter the beautiful Killington resort.

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