by Carrie Adams

Stepping Up

We’ve heard a lot of trash talk on the Facebook page and at races about Hobie Call being beatable.  There have been idle threats filled with over-the-top bravado and little else from wanna-be competitors, but we have yet to see someone officially step up and challenge Hobie… until today.  We launch our official Challenger Series with a former Dartmouth College and University of Texas track star from New Jersey, Michael Carmody.

The Challenger: Michael Carmody

Age: 25

Occupation: Advertising

Current Home: Austin, Texas

Profile: Michael Carmody has never shied away from a challenge and he’s always pursued excellence on the track.  Running middle distance at Dartmouth and U Texas Austin was an opportunity for Carmody to race and train alongside the best.  “Even getting beat up at practice every day was part of the reward of running with the best,” says Carmody.

He’s out to dethrone current Spartan phenom Hobie Call and his amazing pursuit of $100K in the Spartan race series.  Regarding Call, Carmody says, “I’ll give him a run for his money.  I’ll push him.”  His credentials are pretty solid – in 2008 he set an indoor school record at Dartmouth for the 800.  He qualified for the US Nationals in his fifth year in Texas and had a PR of 1:47 in the 800m.

On sizing up his competition, Carmody says, “Hobie seems like he’s fit and he’s doing a good job, but I think I’ll perform well in the 5K distance.”  A recent Tough Mudder finish where he crushed the other runners in his wave has given him some additional confidence.

“I’ve always tried to push myself and run against the best and not hiding away from the best athletes out there.”  Well, Michael, here’s your chance.

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    Chris, Hobie ran a 2:16 marathon. So he was running 5:11 miles for the 26.2 mile race. He’s enjoyed five Spartan Race victories in five cities: Eight miles in 57:51 – Temecula, CA. Eight miles in 51:20- Chandler, AZ. Three miles in 28:13- Smithville, TX. Eight miles in 59:13 – Miami, FL. Three miles in 34:23 – Conyers, GA. The average time between Call and second place? 3.7 minutes. In racing these distances, that’s an eternity. Do you think you can bring it? We can make it interesting if you can.

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    Comp WOD 1:4 (think I did 5) rounds for time of:5 back sqtaus, (1st rd @ 225, subsequent rds @ 185)50′ Hand Walking~22:00 minutesComp WOD 2:1 mile Run30 Squat Snatch, 951000m Row300 Double UndersTechnically DNF, but finished my DUs at 32:00

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