by Carrie Adams

The Death Race in Pittsfield, Vermont ended last Sunday, June 26th at 3 PM in the small church where it started ending the race after 45 hours.  Only 35 were left standing.


Here is the official list of finishers for 2011:

“Congrats to everyone who showed up to participate in the 2011 Death Race. It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year. I enjoy spending time with inspiring people and you all fit that mold. Special Congrats to the 35 athletes who were able to finish, 45 hours into the race.   Well done!”  –  Andy Weinberg

1 Joe Decker
2 Jeff Foster
2 Bruce Foster
4 Grace Cuomo Durfee
5 Don Schwartz
6 Nickademus Hollon
7 Ryan Leveille
8 PJ Rakoski
9 Josh Zitomer
10 Andrew Haas
10 David Harwood
12 Dennis Lesniak
13 Travis Buttle
14 Lisa Madden
15 Sean Dickson
15 Jon Weiler
17 Ian James
18 Mark Harrison
19 Mark Jones
20 Frank Fumich
20 John Wall
20 Dan Bayer
23 Eric Ashley
24 Matt Robinson
25 Jack Cary
26 Reed Costello
27 Megan Mays
28 Robin Crossman
29 Vu Tran
30 Patrick Walsh
31 Bryan Murphy
32 Rebecca Hansen
33 Joe Crupi
34 John Waite
35 Ray Morvan

So what is in store for next year’s race?  We’ll be waiting in earnest.  We do already know next year’s theme.  2012 is the year of BETRAYAL.

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    Awesome job to all of those who even attempted this race. The energy in Pittsfield cannot even be described. ABC did a great job capturing this event!

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