by Carrie Adams

margo2“I sit here and sip my coffee the sun has yet to rise over the Green Mountains. An electricity is in the air, a feeling in the house, it’s race day.” – Margaret Schlachter

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for Vermonter Margaret Schlachter.  Recent winner of the 12th Annual Bloggies award for Best Sports Blog with Dirt in Your Skirt, the 28 year old has been  writing, training, racing, and coaching in the backyard of the infamous Death Race she’s set to take on this summer. 

Says Schlachter, “The Death Race is in my backyard, why not try it. Several friendsmargo have finished the race in past years. I could write profound words but really I am doing it because, why not!”

Schlachter launched her own blog Dirt in Your Skirt to track her training heading to the Death Race in June and has accumlated both a following and a nice crop of sponsors along the way.  She has grown up with the burgeoning sport of Obstacle Racing.

Introduced to Obstacle racing and Spartan in the Spring of 2010, she raced and realized she’d found a fit!  The collegiate athlete in her was reignited and she began a vigorous training routine captured in her blog writing.  She’s traveled over the past two years and competed in over a dozen races across the U.S. including a 3rd place finish at the inaugural Vermont Beast and earning a spot in the cash prize heat in Texas at the end of 2011. 

margo1Schlachter boats a top ten finish in every race she completed in 2011.  No small feat!  Schlachter credits the community with keeping her coming back for more and she was one of the original members of Spartan Chicked, a women’s movement in obstacle racing geared towards inspiring women and girls to get outside and get active.

Schlachter also finished her first ultra marathon in 2011 and is running her first 50 mile race in May of 2012, the Peak 50. 

Says Margaret, “Peak Races and the Death Race in particular offer something most other races don’t the unknown. It is the unknown that is appealing and well like I said before, why not?” 

Having the Death Race in her back yard doesn’t hurt the appeal of the event, and Margaret trains regularly withmargo3 Joe Desena in between coaching and running admissions for Killington Mountain School.   Her training is intense and non-traditional, like many Death Racers.  She isn’t often found on a treadmill, more likely on a trail with a rock or a log or scaling the walls of her local rock climbing gym. 

Never a dull moment for Margaret, nicknamed Margo the Great by her close friends.  When she’s not on the mountain she volunteers as a firefighter and EMT in the community she loves.  She’s also a loving aunt and part-time graduate student. 

She’s looking forward to June and her Death Race challenge.  “I try to live life to the fullest each day and I thank all those who help support me in my endeavors both athletically and personally.”

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    “Schlachter launched her own blog Dirt in Your Skirt to track her training heading to the Death Race”

    Anyone who has followed Margaret’s blog knows this is an obviously untrue statement. I think Spartan Races have the best product in the marketplace. Why not put the truth out there? “Margaret continues updating her blog to track her training heading to the Death Race.”

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    They have the real stamina. I saw One Many Army, a series on discovery channel. There they had a man but here we have a one woman army.
    Racing girls

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