“Never believe that a few people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” – Margaret Mead

Defining the soul of a race like Spartan took the collected effort of seven extraordinary people.  Inspired by the spirit of the Death Race and the brain child of endurance athletes and mountaineers, the Spartan Race is the toughest event on the planet.  These individuals, dubbed the “Founding Few” have blazed new trails in their respective events, broken world records and traveled the world seeking bigger and better challenges.  They bring that experience, that fire to each and every Spartan Race around the World.

The people who bring you Spartan Race are the real thing.  They’re tough. They’re daring. They’re bold.  They’ve been out there, pushing themselves physically and mentally further than they thought possible, facing adversity and overcoming it.   Every member of the Spartan Race Team is a dedicated and talented athlete, relentlessly pursuing the next level of competition and their own personal best. And each one of them brings this intense enthusiasm to Spartan Race and to its participants.

Here’s your chance to get to know them a little better.  The “Founding Few” who have blazed the trails as epic athletes of their own right, making Spartan Race the toughest endurance obstacle event on the planet.   Hear their stories, be inspired, come out and race with us… you’ll never be the same.

Limitless Living: Joe DeSena

All too often we spend our waking hours trying to find and stay comfortable in our own lives. We look for short cuts, gadgets, and processes to make things easier, seeking what we consider personal fulfillment. We believe that there are things we can do and things that we can’t, and we become conditioned to [...]

Spartan Race Architect: Mike Morris

“Anyone can get off the couch tomorrow and do a Spartan race,” says Spartan Race Director Mike Morris. “Sure, you might suffer, but the feeling you get when you cross the finish line is going to bring you back again and again.” Morris, who selects venues and designs Spartan Race’s unique courses, knows what it [...]

No Challenge Too Big: Selica Sevigny and Richard Lee

[Selica is director of Quebec and Ontario Spartan Race Markets. Richard is the director of the UK Markets.] If you want to know how exactly Spartan Races came into existence, you have to look to the story of Selica Sevigny and Richard Lee, the British-Canadian couple that literally stumbled into Pittsfield, VT in spring 2009. [...]

Redefining Adventure: Brian Duncanson

What would you do if you were alone in the middle of the densest woods in Maine and the battery on your headlamp died? In the midst of a competitive adventure race (involving paddling across lakes and towing canoes through the woods), you bushwhacked off-trail to find the next checkpoint, which had eluded your team.  You [...]

Reaching New Peaks: Andy Weinberg

Growing up in Peoria, IL, Andy Weinberg, 41, always loved the water.  He swam competitively in high school and college, and when he did his first triathlon in high school, he fell in love.  At the time there weren’t many people doing them, and after college Andy spent a couple years really hitting the triathlon [...]

View from the Top: Noel Hanna

On a Thursday morning, most people are settling into work behind a desk, looking forward to weekend plans and just trying to make it through the day. Noel Hanna, 44, isn’t most people. I received this email from him this morning: “At present I am sitting at Everest Base camp in Tibet with 4 clients [...]

A Legacy of Living Out Loud: Shaun Bain

“Working harder, living fuller, and loving stronger.” – Shaun Bain Spartan Founding Few member Shaun Bain is living life out loud, learning from the past, and leaving a legacy in his wake. When Bain’s friend and racing partner David Boyd, M.D., died on Blanca Massif near Alamosa, Colorado, on September 3, 2008, Bain was devastated. [...]

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    all of your stories insipire me to do more. that is why you guys should do a spartan race in LAS VEGAS NV. you guys would be impressed with how many people want to do the spartan race

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    What does the Spartan Race benefit?

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    Hey, I was wondering, how old do you have to be to join the “chicked” spartan race? and where do I find more info on the spartan kids race. I can’t find any dates for them?

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    How can I get in contact with either some of the founders or those involved with the day to day operations and oversight of putting a Spartan race together? I have aspirations of creating an urban obstacle race and would love to interview the experts. Any suggestions?


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    How do I find others in my community who want to train for events. Is there some kind of community where I can post my need of finding someone to train with?

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      The Spartan Race Facebook Page is a geat start. You can also check out local gyms or CrossFit locations since Spartanscan be found there trying to reach the next level.

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