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The McNaughton

The McNaughton is an Ultra Trail Run consisting of a rugged 10-mile loop in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Runners will repeat the loops 3, 10, 15, 20, or 50 times, depending on if they are competing in the 30, 100, 150, 200, or 500 mile race.  The loop has 2400 vertical feet of elevation gain, so the 30 miler will feature 7,200 ft; the 100 miler will feature 24,000 ft; the 150 miler will feature 36,000 ft; the 200 miler will feature 48,000 ft; and the 500 miler will feature 120,000 ft of elevation change.

The race is hosted by Spartan’s sister company, Peak Races, which puts on a variety of ultra-distance events, including cycling races, trail ultras, and the infamous Death Race on June 24th 2011 (part of the Spartan Race series.)  Additional races include a 100 mile snowshoe race (if you’re not up to that, you can opt for a marathon, half-marathon, and 10K snowshoe on that same weekend.)   In March, Spartan’s own Jason Jaksetic aka The Barn Beast competed in the 100 mile snowshoe and recounted his inspiring successful completion of the brutal race on his blog. There are also cycling events and trail ultras put on by Peak Races include the McNaughton Ultra – which started this week.

The 500 milers began their journey earlier in the week.  Their race has a 198 hour time limit (just over 8 days.)  The other races all begin this upcoming week.

Andy Weinberg on of Spartan’s Founding Few and Race Director for Peak Races gave this update yesterday:

Tony and John rocked it yesterday and were blistered up this morning. They both had a late start and dealt with rain and wind.  Tony was calling it a night just shy of 200 miles. John was considering one more loop. They will get a good night’s rest and hit the trail early. 100% chance of rain Wednesday but it will clear up Thursday. 200 Mile Race starts Thursday.

And we are excited to announce that our very own Jason Jaksetic, aka the Barn Beast, will

The Barn Beast

be competing in the 150-mile event, starting this Friday, May 6, at 6AM.  Race rules stipulate that he must finish by 2pm on Sunday, May 8.

We’ll be giving updates on his journey and those of his competitors right here on the blog. Be sure to check in on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well during the weekend. after you check in, go out and push yourself at the gym, on the road or at the track, on the trials, the bike, or in the pool.  Athletes out there are doing over 100 miles on foot this weekend… what are you doing to stay Spartan Strong?  Aroo!

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