by Carrie Adams

Show Title: Good Day to Die!

Spartan Radio is at it again!  This time it’s all things 2011 Death Race!  Well, almost all Death Race… we had some great live listeners and be sure to listen to the end… there are a few bloopers…

On June 24th, the Spartan Death Race kicked off in Pittsfield Vermont.  155 racers out of 230 registered arrived and only 35 finished the brutalizing event.  The weather was biblical – which was fitting since the race theme was “Religion” and the course challenges were epic!  Shawty aka Carrie Adams was at the event and on the course and shares details of the race.  Spartan Race’s first blog about the event is also available HERE which outlines the event and challenges in more detail.

The Death Race Episode from Hot Seat Media will go live July 16 at 8 PM EST.  Visit for more details!

Here is our Virginia Episdoe that features Quentin Leadbeter who also took first in our Carolinas Super Spartan:

Our WOD 30 day challenge wrapped up!  Here is a link to the summary:

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We also talk a bit about our awesome event in the Carolinas where Quentin Leadbetter won another one!  Watch out Hobie Call!

Spartan Race TV has dropped the Virginia video!  Check it out!

Event pictures are coming soon too!  Stay tuned!

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