by Carrie Adams

Image courtesy of Brent Doscher Nuvision Action Image

Standing in the open field by the lake nestled inside the mountains on one of the coldest days Southern California has seen in a long time, I eyed the peaks shrouded in the clouds and rain.  I was pretty sure that whatever was behind them was going to be gnarly and that the obstacles I was just told were inside the rugged trail run wouldn’t be easy.  I talked about that run in one of my first Spartan blog posts: Racing the Super Spartan. It was a challenging race for me and in a race that spanned 8 gnarly trail miles and over a dozen obstacles I came to understand and appreciate the soul of this racing series.

As we’ve noted before, there are four levels to the Spartan Racing circuit. The Spartan Sprint, the Super Spartan, the Spartan Beast, and the Spartan Death Race. Racing trails with obstacles can be intimidating if you’re new to the sport, but we are profiling each event giving you an idea of where to start, where to go next, and how to use the Spartan WOD (Work outs of the Day) to train yourself to get faster and stronger regardless of your fitness level.

The Super Spartan obstacle race provides an 8+ mile battlefield of insane mud running with 15 or more obstacles to test your physic

al strength and mental resolve. This mud fest of a race will have many trials to push you to your limits that any man or woman with resolve can complete.  This endurance race consists of mud runs, trails, and both mental and physical obstacles and challenges. The good news is that after you complete your painful journey, there will be live music and a catered meal to soothe your aching joints. Top 3 Males and top 3 Females at each Super Spartan qualify for a free entry into the Spartan Death Race.

Our did a video about the Miami Super Spartan.

We keep stepping up our mileage and you keep stepping up your game!  The next Super Spartan is in the Carolinas.  Sign up here. Get after it Spartan Nation!  Aroo!


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