by Carrie Adams

On May 7th I headed down south to meet up with Texas Spartan women Anja, Sierra, and Lauren and to compete in the Run the Jailbreak event in Austin, Texas. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and as we learned last weekend, that applies to mud as well. Race Director Tim Scriver knows how to throw a muddy party and we have the shoes to prove it.

We met a lot of Spartans who ran our Austin Spartan Sprint on March 26th, met several already signed up for our December Super Spartan in Glen Rose and the Jailbreak in Dallas on September 17th and introduced ourselves to the neighborhood. Of course we ran the race too. We don’t show up and not throw down. The Jailbreak had us hopping cop cars, diving through mud puddle after mud puddle, and our personal favorite, the slip ‘n’ slide near the end of the course. Overall, it was 3.1 trail miles of pure fun!

Sierra and Lauren ran first with the 11 o’clock wave and Anja and I ran the event at 12:30 and camera in hand – inspired by our own Spartan photographer Brent Doscher from Nuvision Action Images who did the same at our recent Georgia event. (Brent, your camera was heavier.) We captured some great moments from event, some future Spartans, guys in sombreros, and some big fans of our race. Our pictures were fun to take while we ran, climbed, crawled, and slid our way from the start line to the finish, where we were handed a beer for our efforts.

We want to thank the Tim, Kelli and the Run the Jailbreak crew for showing us some

muddy Southern hospitality and to the volunteers and runners at the event who were fun, inspiring, and active. Austin is one fit city ya’all! The venue Reveille Peak Ranch was beautiful and the perfect spot for the run. The Spartan women always appreciate the chance to hit the trail in new places and with friendly (dirty) faces, and we look forward to the September Jailbreak Run in Dallas and our return to Texas with our own race in December. We can’t get enough of our friends at Run the Jailbreak.

Check out the Run the Jailbreak FB page for pictures, if you were at the event and see someone you know, tag away, and get registered for their September 17th event already! The best picture from the day with Anja and Carrie gets free race entry into our Super Spartan Glen Rose Obstacle Race in December… Check out our Spartan Race FB page for frequent updates, Workouts of the Day (WOD), our Twitter Maven MScan as she keeps you in the know on the fly, and our new Spartan TV channel for all things Spartan! Aroo!

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    It is good to see another race enjoying the festivities and not bashing a competitor! True class Spartans! BTW…thanks for giving the “DFW Mud Crew” some pub! Yes JBK (Jailbreak Kelli) is one of our crew members! Glen Rose here we come!

    PS…will we be running dinosaur obstacles?

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    Thanks Travis! We love to work with other races that have such a great group of people and such fun runners! No competition. We’re all doing our events at different times and that makes us friends! We sure did have fun with ya’ll and we’ll be back in September in Dallas and December in Glen Rose! Aroo!

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    Ditto to Travis comment! JBK Rocks – So looking forward to the race series next year. Spartan ATX was also a GREAT event. Ya’ll are welcome in our “Crew” any time!!

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