The Wrestler


The art of living is more wrestling than dancing.
– Marcus Aurelius


Muscular Endurance:  The ability to work hard for extended periods of time.

Yes, you’ll need some during a Spartan Race.  Better try ‘The Wrestler’.  We do this weekly at HQ.  Joe De Sena did one round through the main set in 8:08.

Even if you can’t do all the exercises, try out what you can.  10% of a Spartan WOD is a world’s apart from 0%.  Get closer to your goals of finishing.


75 jumping jacks

Spartan Warm-up

Main Set:

75 burpees
30 squat tosses with sandbag
10-30 pistol squats each leg
10-30 pull-ups
5 rope climbs




Amount of suggested rounds:


Sprint Distance = x 1

Super Distance = x 2

Beast Distance= x 3

Elite or Ultra Distance athlete= x 4


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    can you leave a link or is there a link to describe all the workout moves, I have not heard of a lot of these exercises before

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