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With an epic year of racing in the books, we are recounting some of the biggest stories of the year.  Let’s start with post #10!  How about a story about a guy who lost over 400 pounds and reclaimed his life, conquered a beast, and earned his membership into the Trifecta Tribe?   We are talking about the one and only Chris Davis.  His story inspired thousands.  To see his journey, watch this video. 

From the original post:

Every day Spartan Race HQ gets emails and phone calls with success stories of our athletes getting off their couches and getting healthy preparing for a Spartan Race.  Untold pounds have been lost, new levels of health and well-being found by those who embrace a healthy Spartan lifestyle.  Every so often one of those stories strikes a chord so deep, we are compelled to tell it completely.  One of those stories is in motion now, and we are going to keep sharing updates of a man who has turned to Spartan to change his life forever.

We met Chris Davis in Georgia where he finished the race in 3:04, and at 390 pounds.  Struggling across the finish line and exhausted, Spartan staffers helped him to his car and he headed home.  But that is not where this journey begins and it’s nowhere near over.

Chris started his Journey at 696 pounds. in 2010, he heard of the Spartan Race and started losing weight.   We got in touch with him and moved him to Spartan HQ. He is currently down 300 pounds from his starting weight with the help of the Spartan Race motivation.

Spartan Race staff, including founder Joe Desena are attempting to get him to 180 pounds by September a loss of an additional 200 pounds over the next 5 months.  In his own words, he’ll share his journey on the Spartan blog.  Here is his first entry.

To read the blog in it’s entirety, click HERE.  And stay tuned for another top blog post from 2012!

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    FB said this will be the Top 10 blog post of 2012… now it’s just Part 1?! Shenanigans!

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    I am impressed with Chris and with the Spartan Race organization for saving his life and inspiring others. I am 58 years old and train hard every day and have done several obstacle events and will do my first Spartan Beast this coming September at Sunpeaks, and after reading this I am so pleased I signed up with such an amazing organiztion. Well done!

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    I have completed the Spartan Sprint, Super, and have already signed up for the Beast in August. When I finish the Beast will my Trifecta medal be waiting for me at the finish line along with my Beast medal? Not too sure how that all works since there’s always a large amount of medals at the finish line so how would one prove they earned a Trifecta medal? Thanks in advance.

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