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Knowing how hard to push yourself while training can be a tricky business. How much is too much? Can I do more reps? Is my body too tired to go on?
You don’t want to injure yourself, but getting the results you want requires pushing yourself to the limit. Exactly what that limit is hasn’t been a science–until now.

A new device, called the iSense, is being developed to tell athletes exactly how their muscles are doing during training.  This wireless device works by sensing muscle contractions. It then informs the wearer if he or she is straining his or her muscles to the limit of endurance.

The developer of the iSense, Mohamed Al-Mulla, said in Science Daily, ”It is all about being able to train safely and smartly.”

The iSense is still in its developmental phase. When it debuts to the public, I predict we may see some new world records being broken with the help of this useful new training device.

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