by Paul Faust, Spartan Racer

Paul Faust, Tuxedo, NY 2011

1. Every time I take my dog for a walk…I carry a large boulder with me.

2. When it starts to pour out…I grab my sneakers and head out for a run.

3. When I was at a party in a basement…whenever nobody was looking…I ran up and

down the stairs.

4. I had a barbeque this weekend and kept staring at the grill…trying to decide whether or not I should try to jump over it.

5. I suddenly find myself very attracted to women covered in mud.

6. When I look in my backyard… I now see every wall, rock, log, and swing set as an

obstacle that must be tackled.

7. I spend more time recruiting people for races than working.

8. I now look for hills to run instead of trying to avoid them.

9. I have a a sudden and inexplicable fascination with climbing over, under, around or through barbed wire (a good way to get arrested).

10. I asked my wife if I should buy a separate washing machine for my race clothes and she said yes.


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    11. I wake up in the middle of the night to find I was doing pushups in my sleep.

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    The first reality check was I didn’t prepare as well as I should have…….the second was I was in better shape than I thought when I completed the course. Like you I looking for and hitting the biggest hills I can find just to see how much easier it is now than during the race……What a body, mind and soul experience, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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    Here’s my list: :D

    1. Everytime I take my dog for a walk… I sprint down the street a ways, and I’m proud to say that not even my dogs can keep up with me. :)
    2. When it starts to pour out…. Oh wait… it doesn’t here!! I live in ARIZONA!! LOL :)
    3. When I’m anywhere, and I see stairs, I sprint up and down… I always check to make sure no one is looking so they don’t think I’m a psycho :)
    4. I have jumped over a charcoal grill before… but there was no fire :(
    5. I also find men attractive covered in mud!! XD lol
    6. When I see anything capable of possibly being used as an obstacle, I run toward it and hope I don’t face plant into anything.
    7. I don’t recruit people for the race… being that it’s my first race :) I do constantly find myself checking the posts on Facebook and Twitter for any training information I can use (instead of doing my homework like I should be doing)
    8.I, too, find the few hills and steep mountains in AZ to run up and down.
    9. I can’t wait to crawl under some barbed wire and wear my battle wounds with pride!
    10. My sisters have asked me to wash my clothes separately too :(
    This seems like a pretty fun race and I can’t wait to run it! :)

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