by Carrie Adams

When an athlete crosses a finish line of a Spartan Race and the coveted finisher medal294761_10150280672601861_251061411860_8354975_1201597623_n hangs heavy around their neck as a reminder of their accomplishment they are often euphoric and overwhelmed by accomplishment.  There is no other feeling like the feeling of finishing a tough race and getting the job done and covered in mud, grass, and earth (sometimes blood and bruises) the athletes have earned their medal for the day.  Spartans give generously and the finish line is the opportunity for an easy way to give back and make a difference.

Muddy Spartans face the dilemma of what to do with muddy gear and footwear.  Spartan gear we for sale onsite is an easy and cool way to rock Spartan pride without all the mud, but what to do with the shoes?  The mud earned on the battlefield is probably the last thing you want to put in your car when you go home, but we at Spartan Race have a solution for those of you willing to part with your footwear.  We will happily take them off your muddied hands so we can help one of our favorite charities, Max Cure!

Check out our video on the inspiring story:

Be_Brave_Adventures_logoSo, what can muddy shoes to do in the fight against pediatric cancer?  Well, in Pennsylvania, 1,790 pounds of muddy shoes = about 900 pairs!  And with Max Cure getting $0.50/lb those shoes got $895 donated towards a phenomenal charity that we love.  Please leave your muddy shoes, Spartan Race will collect and process them so that our friends at Max Cure can keep fighting the good fight and stay brave in the face of adversity!

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