Last year, Spartan Race served up a race that left many racers gasping for air. The Nebraska Sprint now spoken about in hushed tones with many competitors seeking a revenge on a course that, on the surface of it, looked easy. This façade was quickly removed to show the grinning, malevolent face that hide beneath. This year, people may believe they are prepared, but we’ll see.

So a trip to Nebraska, then. Be ready. From terrain to weather, Nebraska is one of those races where you will be punished if you take it for granted. With the race taking place in mid-July, be ready for temperatures that can easy hit the high 80’s and often creeps into the 90’s, too. If you’re not comfortable with being out in the heat for any length of time, especially when dealing with a course designed to beat you down, please consider carrying your own fluids by way of a camelback or fuel belt.

If you’re not local or near enough to drive to and from on the same day, you’ll clearly need some kind of accommodation. Or a place to lay down and wash the mud off, at least. Thankfully, Expedia has compiled a list of over 50 places you can stay at for the weekend in question. With many recognizable names in the area, all within spitting distance of the race venue, there’s bound to be a room for you nearby.

Naturally, burning off the calories means you’ll be hungry afterwards. Carb-loading the day before, if that’s your preference, will also need to be catered for. Luckily, Tripadvisor has already done that. Almost 550 in Lincoln alone with style ranging from Italian to Asian and Indian to good old-fashioned American, there’s something for everyone – even you vegetarian and Paleo types!

If the family are in tow and he kids need something to do, don’t forget that the Spartan Kids Race is always open to kids from the age of 4-13. Before and after the race, if you are making an extended visit, there are all manner of places to go that the whole family will enjoy. The Champions Fun Center boasts not just an arcade, but go karts and batting cages too. Not your thing? Well there’s bowling an miniature golf too. With all manner of rides and attractions, there is a lot to do and enjoy, so check them out here. Lost In Fun is another option, with inflatable jumpers, fun mazes, arcades, basketball courts and even lazer tag. There’s a toddler area too, so if you parents need a while to get the feeling back in your arms from carrying junior, there’s always a place to grab a few moments to yourself. Check out Lost In Fun right here.

With all manner of other activities available to the family right here, there’s very little scope for boredom. With zoos, lazer tag, museums and parks all very close to one another, there’s something for everyone. In fact, another list compiled by Travellingmom highlights 9 things you can do that are either free or very cheap.

Naturally, we can sympathize if you feel the need to get a taxi after pounding your feet. And while we can’t always condone getting a ride if something is within running distance, there is an extensive list of taxi companies available to anyone that might need one.

Remember to sign up here for the Sprint in Nebraska and we’ll see you at the finish line…

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