by Jason Jaksetic & Carrie Adams


w/u one mile
Run 800 hard
20 Squat jumps
Run 800 hard
20 box jumps
Run 800 hard
20 Tuck jumps
Run 800 hard
20 Lateral Jumps over box
c/d Run 1 mile
Figure 8 abs with medicine ball – 60 seconds
Plank 5 mins

She says: “Yesterday I said I couldn’t possibly be more sore.  I was wrong.”

I joked in the begging how my upper body strength is akin to a T-Rex.  And it’s still true, but now I am kind of annoyed with that and am committed to getting smoking guns and I’ll cry about it… Doing the impromptu wall walks (3 sets of 6) the day before tore me up way more than the leg workout.  My legs felt great but I could barely lift my arms up over my head.  This one was tough!  I like the plyo intervals and the 800m was a nice way to break them up and the abs were killer!!!  By the time I was done my arms were feeling better and my body wasn’t a total wasteland of broken-ness.  I realize that I desperately need a deep tissue massage and a large glass of red wine.

At the end of the day, I was grateful for the soreness…it’s okay to be uncomfortable and it actually reminded me of my own body, my weaknesses, my inherent strengths.  So, I was grateful.

Soundtrack: Erase my Scars by Evans Blue

WOD: Day 9

He says: “Plyo-whaaaaaat?”
I jumped on shit and didn’t die.  That was cool.
Only in sprint triathlons did I ever have to do an explosive movement.  And it was in the last 10 meters of a sprint for the finish and it was ok if I broke something.
100 mile runs.  Yep, no explosive movements.  None.  At any point you can take a little nap and still win.
So this was new and to be honest I was scared to death.
But in summation:
I jumped on shit and didn’t die.

Soundtrack: More than Life by Whitely

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    i would like the daily workouts forwarded to me please — i don’t see the link here.

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