by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams


Spartan WOD: The Griff  In honor of USAF SSgt Travis L. Griffin, 28, who was killed April 3, 2008 in the Rasheed district of Baghdad by an IED strike to his vehicle. Travis is survived by his son Elijah.

Four rounds for time

Run 800m forwards

Run 400m backwards

Run 800m forwards

Run 400m backwards

She says: “Really? I get to run backwards?!”

This weekend of workouts has held a special place for me.  I’ve been humbled by what these workouts represent and who created them and the timing has been when I’ve been my most sore so far!  It’s made me rethink complaining about my aching muscles and being grateful that I have the opportunity to live my life feeling safe and proud.

When I started today knowing where this workout came from and knowing it was in my zone of running, I wanted to make Griff proud.  I ran hard – Took me about 50 minutes to get through it.  I ran backwards on the treadmill and then transitioned back onto the track (my indoor track is 8 laps for a mile) for my 800m portions.  I think there would have been collisions and falls had I attempted backwards running on the track.  The gym was busy and it’s always good to see so many people out there kicking butt at the gym!

Soundtrack: “If You’re Reading This” -Tim McGraw

He Says: What a freakin’ blast! I learned a great deal about running backwards during the McNaughton 150 (where I DNF’d at mile 55).

By 30 my knees were devastated on the descents. I was still running up the hills, but I was delicately walking down the hills…backwards. That’s how brutal the pain was from gravity. I had never trained my knees for this!

So I have a big place in my heart for running backwards.

How did this workout go for me? Great…was out of town, with no watch, gps, or track. So I just went out and did the best I can!

(Beware, I feel a rant coming on…)

Tip? Smash your watches. That’s right. Stomp on them.

Ok…maybe not. But be sure to leave them home sometimes.

I did with this workout.

I spend years tracking each mile split I ran along with my average heart rate for that split. I measured every mile of wattage on my bike. Every 100 meters in the pool was noted.

For what?


Absolutely nothing.

Guts and over the top die hard training got me to Ironman World Championships in Kona. Not recording my splits. If anything it caused extra stress.

At this point in my career I’m done getting off on my splits.

Go hard. Do it right. Have fun. Then go home. Rate of perceived exertion will tell the tale.

You know when you’re doing it right. It fucking hurts.

Leave splits for those who care more about impressing their friends than doing something pure and fundamental for yourselves.

Break the watch out once or twice a week to measure progress, of course. But if it’s making you miserable, like it has made me miserable in the past….stomp on it.

So how long did it take me to do four circuits.

Who cares…

Let’s take a deep breath and get over ourselves. I’ll see you all on the race course.

That’s the only time split I care about.

(note:  accounts of telling stop watches to go screw and details of the DNF at Mcnaughton that has fired me up can be found at

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