by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams


The USMC Physical Fitness Test
w/u run a mile
Pull ups until you drop (Spartan women too no flexed arm hang)
Crunches in two minutes
Three mile run – for time.
c/d run another mile
Not enough? Do it again.

He Says: So in juxtaposition to my ranting yesterday about killing all your watches, I did everything today with a watch and by the book.  Quantitative all the way.

Hypocrite?  Always!

But I did mention yesterday that you need to monitor progress now and again, and so I did that today with my military assessment WOD.  Some interesting notes with this WOD

3 mile run with 10 pull ups afterwards as warm up.

The goods with commentary:

11 pull-ups max out

Notes:  Contest!!

First person to email with a YouTube video of them doing 50 solid, consistent pull-ups get’s to be my upper body coach.  $100 for 3 months, of getting to call me a upper-body wuss!


a) Video must be new starting…now.  Mention Barn Beast is a wuss in it.

b)  Must be able to get me to 50 straight chin-ups without messing with my race schedule or inhibit my ability to run 100 miles at a time.

c)  You can’t be Hobie Call

127 crunches in 2 minutes

Notes:  WTF!?

How do you do crunches properly in less than one second without turning the whole thing into a farce?  I was going as fast as I could and did 127 no problem.  Why 2 minutes?  I was FULL SPEED and can’t imagine going faster while keeping form.  Why not 4 minutes or 5?

3-mile Run:  18.53

Notes:  I need a track!

Here again I want to bring to everyone’s attention to context and context and context. The flattest 3 mile loop I can find is, well, not flat at all.  Just look at my 1.5 mile split of 8.41.  I kept the throttle as steady as I could and I still tacked on an extra minute where I should have been negative splitting.

Still, being that I’m currently peaking for a 53 mile ultra run, I’ll take that as being so-so/kinda/acceptable fast for now.

Soundtrack.  Cute Without The ‘E’ by Taking Back Sunday

She says: “I get it.  I need to get better at pull ups.”

For FUN, I decided to warm up with a round of running 800m forwards and 400m backwards two times through since I had so much fun doing it yesterday.

Pull-ups: 4 unassisted.  (yep 4)  12 more with my friend Matt holding my feet.

Situps: 122 in two minutes.

Three mile run: 21:13.

I made my sandbag today for tomorrow’s WOD that is courtesy of Ms. Katya McCabe.  I named it T-Rex.  Stronger every day…

Soundtrack: “Stronger” Emphatic

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    What is recommended (besides lat pulldowns) as an alternate if someone can’t do pull-ups/chin-ups? Someone I train has rotator cuff issues///

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    Upright rows can definitely be supplemented here! Have them incorporate that exercise and be mindful of their form so that they don’t hurt their lower back!

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