by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

The Katya (Includes Soundtrack)

Johnny Cash “God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Placebo “Running Up That Hill

Awolnation “Sail

Warm Up 10 minutes of 80 lb. sand bag Turkish Get-ups
Three rounds for time:
RUN a 50lb. sand bag out 250 meters sprint back
21 – wall burpees
15 – pull ups
9 – sand bag squat cleans
Rotate the order of burpees, pull ups, and squat cleans each round.
c/d run 2 miles

She says: “Katya is gonna make a man outta me.”

So for the sake of complete transparency, I was not able to do 80 lbs for the Turkish Get-ups.  I did half that and wall burpees are the devil.  I made a sandbag and named it T-Rex but it’s only 50lbs not 80!

The squat cleans were fun though and I couldn’t wait to run to get away from all the throwing weight around!  The two miles was tough though and I was exhausted afterwards.  The Katya promises to make my T-Rex arms a thing of the past!

He says: “Barn Beast doesn’t do crafts.”

So he was forced to use his ruck sack stuffed with 50 lbs of rocks.  Some a bit too sharp for comfort.

Main set:  0.26:49

Had to do all exercises a bit gingerly given my very awkward to handle bag.

Also, first time ever doing wall burpees and squat cleans or whatever.

Not my style but a fun way to workout for a change.

NOTE:  Sneak Peak at Saturday’s WOD =  Peak 53 mile ultra

Might want to join me on a slight taper next two days, because

If you can’t make it to Peak 53, here are the rules:

If your longest run is a 5k…you run 10 miles

If your longest run to date is a 10k, you run 13.1

If longest run to date is a 13.1, you run a 26.2

If you’ve done a marathon, you’re doing 50k

Barn Beast knows you can do it.  We had a Death Race Camper over who’s longest run of season was 4 miles.  Joe D and I took him on a 30 mile trail run before the day’s fun started.

I promise.  You all are your own greatest limiters.  Get over it.  Get hungry.  Do it.

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