by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams


8 rounds
1 mile run
10 pull ups
10 push ups
20 crunches

She says: “Heat is a game-changer.”

Normally, I would embrace the chance to run 8 miles broken up by some strength training.  The heat really wore me out.  I marked out a mile loop by my house and came back to do the rest in my garage.   I got to use T-Rex again (I did sand bag clean and jerks instead of pull ups) and my friend Matt came over to keep me company and do his workout as well .  At one point my nine-year-old daughter asked me, “Are you okay” due to the red face and plethora of sweat.

After we did the miles we ran a few hills in the backyard with the sandbag.  He ran a few hills with me as the sandbag by piggy back.  Those were the easiest hills I have run in a long time.  I was SHREDDED last night afterwards.  In fact, I slept on the couch I didn’t want to walk the 16 stairs up to my bed!

Love this 30 days.  I’m starting to get much more used to being sore all the time.  It’s the new normal.

Soundtrack: “Holding On” by Citizen Cope

He says: “Easy does it.  Easy does it.”

Run 4 miles and included 100 crunches.
Not going for the glory in this WOD.  Go big this weekend for Peak 53.
Know your limits.  Know your priorities.

Good luck this weekend Jason and all our runners in Tuxedo, New York!

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    I can’t wait for the September 24th race in Staten Island! I’m running a training program for the members of my gym today @ 12:30 pm…

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