by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

WOD: “Everyone thinks his own burden heavy.” -French proverb
1) Weight up (Jason fills back packs with rocks, Carrie prefers sand bags)
2) Find gnarly terrain. (Stair climber works too)
3) Go have fun for 1 hr. Don’t worry about distance. Repeat tough sections till you cry, or breath deep and enjoy a nice mountain walk. Just weight up, is all!

She says: “The stair climber is my bitch.  Well, not quite, but it will be when I’m done!”

This WOD turned into a crazy training day for me!  I’m training for a race in the Rockies in August and so I am hitting the stair climber every day!  The people at my gym think I’m nuts  I load up my backpack with about 40 pounds and did 40 minutes alternating between 70 and 80 steps a minute.  Then (while still wearing the backack) I carried 20 lbs. in each hand for a half mile and did 10 steps ups every 100m.  Then I ran a mile with no weight on my back.  Then I climbed BACK on the stair climber for another 20 minutes.  When I was done, I did a half mile in the pool SLOWLY to recover.  It felt amazing.  Tomorrow I assume I’ll hate my life tomorrow.  Love it.

Soundtrack: “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry

He says: “Gnarly trail running?  You kidding me?  Barn Beast owns this mountain.”

I found some pretty technical sections of my mountain to run on.  Rocks are becoming a regular fixture in my running program.  After a 53 mile race, this run felt relaxing and fun.  I’m looking ahead to the Death Race at the end of the month.

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