[Editor’s note: We are furiously compiling the WOD 30 day challenge into one post so you can have all of our workouts in one place!  We’ll be gearing up another 30 day challenge soon!]

by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams


WOD w/u jog
10 pull ups
50 squats (body weight, sand bags, or weights)
50 burpees
Repeat 3 to 5 times


I have to say, my upper body has changed physically quite a bit since we started.  I still have to work on the pull ups but I am really noticing my strength has improved and my upper body shape has changed.  My arms are getting pretty ripped.  I LOVE IT.

Soundtrack: “I Got ID” by Pearl Jam

He says: “Death Race. Death Race. Death Race.  That’s all I can thin about.”

I cracked this one out pretty quick.  I’m staying focused on June 24th.  I have some other big races coming up soon (you’ll hear more about that soon) but for now it’s all Death Race all day.


WOD: Get some! The CrossFit Chelsea….
5 pull ups,
10 push ups and
15 air squats every minute on the minute for 30 minutes…. feel that tomorrow

June19 049She says: “This one KICKED MY ASS.  Chelsea is a bitch.”

I tore up my hands doing this one – chalk would have been good.  This 30 minutes was brutal!!!  I loved every minute of it!  My four-year-old watched me knock this out in my garage with my friend Matt and she was our cheer leader.  EXCELLENT WOD.  Probably one of my favorites so far.  (Outside of the long runs)

Soundtrack: “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks

He says: “CrossFit is all new to me.”

As an Ironman athlete, I’d be confined to bike, track, and pool most of the time.  This has really made me re-evaluate training.  It was tough!  Barn Beast is an emerging CrossFit fan… yep, I said it…


WOD: 300 lunges
300 burpees
300 body weight squats

She says: “Well, it’s only fitting we’d end the 30 day challenge with a crap load of burpees!  Awesome!”

This one was tough!!!  I ran a 5K this morning with my mom and sister but kicked it in the last mile.  For this workout, I split them up into three sets of 100.  Then I tackled the stair climber for 30 minutes.  It was horrible.  I can’t feel  my legs… 30 days… IN THE BOOKS.

Soundtrack: “Sound of Madness” by Shinedown

He says: “Bring the burpee pain.”

I got this one out of the way early in the day so I could hit the mountain for some wicked training on the trails.  I have the Death Race in a week and this 30 days has definitely contributed to my overall fitness for that.  Wish me luck… 30 days in the books!

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