by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

WOD: How many push-ups can you consistently do each minute for one hour?
Easy to start doing 10 a minute…but can your finish? 600?

She Says: “Are you kidding me?  It’s race day!”


Wet suit to heels... it's all training!

Part of WOD is that as athletes we have events that come up during training and we have to take care of ourselves and prepare effectively for our racing days.  I did not do the pushups today in lieu of a little triathlon instead.  As I said yesterday, I took Saturday off to taper – I did go for a brisk walk – I wanted to have some body movement but low impact to save my legs.

So…. at 8 A.M. Sunday morning while everyone else was doing push ups,  I joined some cool ladies and awesome female athletes for a 1/2 mile swim, 10 miles on the bike and then a 5K!

Bonus round: I also went out that night and got my dance on with friends at an Usher concert in 3 inch heels.  My Spartan ladies know that’s a GREAT calf workout.  Free cardio AND strength training!

I get back after it tomorrow… HILLS! One of my faves!

Soundtrack: More by Usher (live and in person!)

He Says:  Why did today’s WOD rock?

Because while doing it I:
a) made dinner
b)  foam rolled and stretched all legs
c) listen to my favorite audiobook
d)  replied to a few emails

All because, since I’m a little weak in the arms department, and have been crushing them in recent workouts, I only did 3 push-ups per minute.  Which left approximately 48 seconds each minute to attend to a-d.

Is this cheap?  Hell yeah.  But I didn’t have much time, was fatigued as all hell, and a cranky pants to boot about a workout that was 1 hour of all upper body.

I did 3 push-ups a minute for 1 hour…then banged out 20 for an even 200.
Looked at Facebook to see folks rocking 1000.  Hell yeah!  I’m just not in their ball park…YET!


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