by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

Hill repeats.
Few things generate explosive power, VO2 max, muscular endurance, & management of pain better than well performed hill workouts.
Suggestion -Find a hill that takes between 45-60 seconds to sprint up full speed.
20 min w/u jog
4-10 repeats up hill, sprinting on 2 min recovery
15 min c/d jog
(Recommendation: Line up 4-10 pieces of logs/builders at bottom of hill for transport to top!)

He says: “Glad I ate my Hobie-o’s for breakfast.”

I’m a puker.  Yep.  Barn Beast weakness #217

During Ironman training when I was shooting for a sub 9hr time I really needed to up intensity at points.

I learned how to puke over the handle bars at full speed without interrupting my cadence.

In the few sprint finishes I had to do during triathlon I’d wave to the crowd, spot my folks, say hi, and casually stroll to the nearest garbage can.

I hate intensity.  I’d rather run all day that do a few 100 meter all out sprints.

Just not my style.

But that doesn’t absolve me from having to do them.  No sir, it does not.

Today, on my 8th repeat of the hill carrying my trusty log Hermes a new thing happened.

When I maxed out full exertion and got ready to heave my eyes bulged so much in the whiteness that was enveloping me that my contact flew out of my eye.

That was a new experience.

20 minute w/u

10 hill repeats with log

jog home with log

She says: “Ewww Jason… you’re gross.”

The day AFTER a triathlon race isn’t a fun day to do hills but I did them.  And I didn’t whine about it.  Okay, I whined for most the second half of the workout, but I finished.  Also, one notable area of tenderness was my calves.  I assume that was from dancing in heels and NOT the triathlon so I realize I need to train better for the after party.  I’m working on that and in the interim I’ll pretty much be living in my compression socks.

I ran a three mile recover run from the day before to get some lactic acid out of my muscles and then I hit the hills.

My hill only took about 20 seconds to ascend so I doubled down on this and cut recovery in half.  15 times.  I pretty much wanted to cry when I was done.  I ran 10 minutes to cool down – it was probably a mile and then I collapsed on the floor in my family room and melted into the carpet.

Soundtrack: I’m Coming Back – Citizen Cope.

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    Hehe I always get a good motivation boost from your posts, reminds me I’m never pushing as far I as should (usually)…

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    You guys are nuts…love it

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