by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

w/u – two miles
The Nicole…
400 m and max rep pull-ups
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.
c/d 10 minute jog
Note number of pull-ups completed for each round.

She Says: “My kind of day.  Let’s run.  Oh crap… there’s pull ups…”

Okay, so let’s be real.  Anything more than five pull-ups aren’t possible for me right now without assistance (or kipping, which I refuse to do), but I ran my ass off.

I ran about 2.5 to warm up and then hit the Nicole.  While running between treadmill and pull up bar I generated a great deal of interest and had my phone not died I would have taken pictures of the three high school dudes who joined me the last ten minutes.  I ran 9 mph for my 400m on a 2 incline and then my max reps on the pull ups (assisted) was 9 each time and 10 the last time.  My lungs felt amazing and I ran another 2.5 miles when I was done.  All told, I did about 8 miles.  My arms didn’t work when I left.  Literally I couldn’t straighten my arms (still can’t 24 hours later).

Love the Nicole.  LOVE.

Soundtrack: One Day –Matisyahu

He Says:  Not running on the side of a mountain and/or carrying a log or boulder is kinda crazy!  Forgot what it felt like to RUN!

My max pull up is sad.  I didn’t want this whole workout to spiral out of control so I went with what I thought would keep me at an uncomfortable pace with pull ups.  I figured I could run 6 min miles but the pull ups would throw me a loop.
I decided to assign myself 3 pull-ups a set.  It worked out ok because I had little left at end.
2-mile w/u
main set
2.75 miles
33 chin ups
Run sub six mile pace is a whole new entity after training for ultras.  My ability to focus and manage discomfort has greatly increased.

Soundtrack: Electric Feel by MGMT

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    Keep it up, love reading your WOD!

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