So here’s what was tossed out for the WOD:

How many push-ups can you consistently do each minute for one hour?

Easy to start doing 10 a minute…but can your finish? 600?

She Says:

“Taking the day off.  I’ve got a triathlon tomorrow.  I need to try and taper a little at least.”
Carrie demonstrates here the discipline of knowing her own body perfectly.  Instead of throwing a wrench into overhaul plan (periodization of workouts to be peak for race day), she didn’t feel the need to ‘cram’ any last minute fitness.

Strength comes as the body recovers from debilitating workouts.  You actually don’t ‘get stronger’ when you train hard.  You are systematically making yourself weak so that, upon recovery, you reach your previous level of fitness and surpass it as a form of progressive adaptation.
Hence the taper is born.  Chillax the days leading up to your big event.  Let the body heal itself and achieve a peak state before systematically deconstructing it with a killer performance.

He Says:

“OK.  Going to come out and admit that Barn Beast has got awfully strong legs and awfully weak arms.  I’m committed to correcting this imbalance from now on.  I was able to be of a one dimensional cut for Ironman and for basic ultra running and cycling.  But it’s time to take my body to a more complete fitness that is demanded with a greater level of ultra endurance, and, in particular, the Death Race.”

One hour of push-ups on 3 per minute.  20 at end to bring it to a even 200.

“I’m plenty well off in the endurance and leg end of the spectrum.  But I’m diving deep into research and consultation to become an integrated machine!”

Rumor has it that Barn Beast might be taking old school, Rocky IV to a new level!

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