Okay, so we had a rough one today….TABATA.

w/u: jump rope for 5 minutes
Four exercises – 20 seconds as hard as you can go, 10 second rest. Repeat 8 times.
- Burpees
- Suicide Planks (push up position–>elbows–>push up position again)
- Front squats
- Dips
- 30 minute tempo run
- Ten minute cooldown

He says:

I did zumba (He means TABATA)

I hate doing exercises fast.  I do very controlled reps.  I’m the guy in the gym doing the leg press forever.  5 sets of 50.  Form. Form.  Form.

I’m the guy laughing at gym folks throwing around excessive amounts of weights with the most horrific, injury producing form. 

‘Wow, real tough.  Just look at all that weight.  Too bad you couldn’t do exercise properly with half the amount.’

So doing zumba I never really got tired because I feel weird ‘pounding out’ as many reps as possible as fast as possible.  I was just frenetically worrying about the clock.

However, this workout did help me out in learning not to fall into the false belief (instantiated during my IM training days) that a workout is a waste of time if I can’t block of at least 90 minutes for it.

I suddenly found myself at 11pm without my WOD done, so it was nice to just pound it out under the lamp light beside the barn. 

Skipped the run.  No time.

She says: Tabata ROCKS…. and DUH running is my favorite part!

219913_2004289754478_1460645644_2334461_519699_oI did this workout with two of my best friends and we had a blast getting torn up.  None of us want to be wussy so we push each other.  Matt, Casey and I knocked out this workout together.  

They are two of my favorite people to work out with!  We have 240619_2004277554173_1460645644_2334454_6276888_oway too much fun and we push each other and make each other accountable to what we know we can accomplish…

Find some friends and get to the gym! 

Soundtrack: “Porn Star Dancing” My Darkest Days.

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