By Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

As mentioned in our original post announcing the challenge, the WOD can be modified to meet different event goals and geographic terrain.  Carrie and Jason will be doing the same WOD each day and adding or modifying based on their surroundings and their specific events.

He says:

Where I am going into 30 WOD challenge

219758_2104721301572_1351697261_32541952_5457930_oI’m in a pretty bad way.  My last workout was 8 days ago where I ran 55 miles over gnarly terrain on my way to a DNF in the McNaughton 150.

Body is pretty rocked still, but that damage pales in comparison to my mental blocks resulting from that bad showing of form.

So going into the WOD challenge

1)  I’m pissed off at myself and feel discouraged.

2)  I’ve done zero anaerobic training.  I’ve got no speed.  My legs are dead logs.  I’m very 1 dimensional.

3)  I have the upper body of 12 year old ballerina

4)  Time is a problem.  I don’t have enough

Today’s WOD

I only had 2 hours so I had to make it count.  I was in an aggressive move so I ditched the HR monitor so I didn’t have to see how much over training I was doing.

Nonstop watch

0.00.00 to 0.38.55

5 minute w/u followed by 32.00 tempo run straight up mountain.  Definitely in the red zone for most of the run.  Felt lactic clogging up my quads before the real workout started.

0.38.55 to 01.30.00

4 x 100 lunges ( 50 each leg)

2x 50 crunches

7×10 push-ups

2 x 50 crunches

4 x 50 b/w squats

2 x 50 crunches

25 chin ups

01.30.00 to 01. 52.00

Run down mountain at tempo.  Legs completely dysfunctional.  Fell twice.  Stopped to puke my guts out once.

01.52.00 to 1.59.00

5 x 00.01.00 plank

(Failure on last one)

Ice bath.

Soundtrack: “Ape Dos Mil” by Glassjaw

She says: “Oh Snap.” 

Where I am at going into the 30 day challenge:

I basically work out six days a week and have recently been cleared to train hard after being sick earlier this year.  I have great lungs but lack some speed and if I want to get to Boston I need to work on that element of my training.  I also lack upper body strength and want to focus on that and my core and back.  IMAG0393

I have some marathon distance races and tri’s coming up including a 1/2 Ironman in August, a marathon in August, and a 50K and marathon in the Fall.  I have races in between but the big ones are going to require my speed baseline to be much higher than it is now.  Boston calls…

Important gear update: I have a rad jersey to train in.

Today’s WOD:

IMAG0392Time: 47:53


w/u jump rope– 15 minutes
200 lunges
Ab exercise 1 (2 sets x 50) Swimmers
127 push ups
Ab exercise 2 (2 x 50) Russian Twist with 15 lb. dumbbell
200 b/w squats
Ab exercise 3 (2 x 50) Figure 8’s with an 8 lb. medicine ball
38 pull ups
plank 5 minutes (3 series – 2 minutes, 2 minutes, one minute)

50 minute tempo run at the gym afterwards.  Didn’t track distance. 


Soundtrack: “The Bleeding” by Five Finger Death Punch

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