By Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

As mentioned in our original post announcing the challenge, the WOD can be modified to meet different event goals and geographic terrain.  Carrie and Jason will be doing the same WOD each day and adding or modifying based on their surroundings and their specific events.  Today, for the Farklek’s Jason basically ran straight up and down a mountain. Carrie was on an inclined treadmill.  Make it work!

WOD: Fartlek’s Run

‘hard’ = above lactate threshold/race pace/NOT conversation pace
10 min w/u
2 min hard
1 min jog
4 min hard
2 min jog
6 min hard
3 min jog
4 min hard
2 min jog
2 min hard
1 min jog
(repeat as needed)
10 min c/d

He says: A little manifesto on why pace is terms of minutes per mile is the stupidest way to measure your intensity…There is no such thing as a sub 3 hour marathoner.  There is a sub 3 hour NY marathoner and there is a sub 3 pikes peak marathoner or a sub 3 hour Ironman marathon.  That’s my rant.

My fartlek went straight up a mountain for 5 of the 10 miles and then straight down.
So given the elevation, ‘hard’ was between 5.30 and 12.00.  Hence, minutes per mile = stupid.   (unless you live in Nebraska) :P
(Carrie lives in Nebraska)
1.24.25  12 minute warm-up, 2x (27 minute farlek), then cool down rest.  10 miles.  My first 5 miles 47.00, 2nd 5 miles 37.25.

She says: “FINALLY!”

I was TIIIIIRED yesterday.  Not looking forward to working out BUT I love the all run days. All run and gun is how I roll.  I was tired, but of all the days, this was the best for me so far.  I ran on a treadmill at my gym on an incline since Jason talks so much smack about Nebraska being flat.  I spent the first five minutes yelling the ‘F’ word loudly at the treadmill (I don’t use them often) believing it to be clock blocking my run by ‘randomly’ switching paces with no warning and nearly flipping me over the front of the machine, but admittedly it turned out to be user error.  Meh.

Inside the run, I focused on my stride since I watched my video and realized how bad it is!  Yikes!  I had a stress fracture this year my stride has changed since – and NOT for the better.  My amazing, awesome, phenom friend who happens to be a genius movement expert and coach Tracy Peal will be helping me with that.

I had a limited amount of time so I got through one round and only five minutes of a cool down instead of 10.  Took about 46 minutes.  Got through 6.6 in 48 minutes. (split up into two sessions on my treadmill since it stopped on me at the beginning – stupid treadmill)  But ultimately,  my average pace with jogging and ‘hard’ was about 7:16.

Got home.  Did abs. Took an Aleve and a bath.  Slept like a baby.

Soundtrack: “Regulate” by Warren G

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