By Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

As mentioned in our original post announcing the challenge, the WOD can be modified to meet different event goals and geographic terrain.  Carrie and Jason will be doing the same WOD each day and adding or modifying based on their surroundings and their specific events.  For today, Jason had to use a GPS since he has a mountain and not a track or treadmill and Carrie went to a local track.  Jason used logs and barn beam for the strength components (of course he did) and Carrie had 15 lb. dumbbells.

She says: There comes a time in your life when you have what you want or you have excuses and reasons why you don’t.  If you haven’t started, start today.  If you have been training, go further, faster, and push harder.  Whatever it takes.

IMAG0395Time: 28:03


Five rounds: 800m, 15 thrusters, 15 upright rows

The routine called for pull-ups but the track did not have a bar.  I brought 15 lb. dumbbells and used those and did rows instead.

Soundtrack:  “This is War”  by 30 Seconds to Mars


Carrie and Kennedy

My workout partner today was my best friend’s daughter, Kennedy who is nine year’s old (and my nine year old daughter’s best friend.)  Kennedy has a five mile race coming up and she and my daughter just completed their first 5K two weeks ago.  Today, I was tired, my body was fatigued, and I was sore but running with Kennedy was a motivator.  She showed up for me and I wasn’t going to let either of us down.

He Says: “I evidently need to work on upper body.”

Going into yesterday’s WOD my thoughts were:

Man, I hate chin-ups, I really hate chin-ups. I just did more chin-ups yesterday than I’ve done in 6 months.    I hurt.

Barn Beast gots big strong legs, but itty bitty arms.  Ultra training has leaned my upper body too much.

WOD and notes

800m (no track – so I used the road I gps’ed)

15 dumbbell thrusts (no dumbbells – so I used two cedar fence posts.  Not too heavy, but unwieldy for sure)

5 pull ups (no pull up bar – so I used a wide roof beam of barn.  Was supposed to do 15 chin-ups but after doing that one set and it taking forever I modified accordingly.  WEAK)

5 circuits



Was running 800m sub 3.00.  No problems.

Fence Post Thrusts were fine.  Just had to balance the fence posts which too a lot of concentration


BLEH.  15 first set.  Then, sadly, just 5.

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