by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

We combined our weekend WOD’s 18 and 19 into one post.


If you’ve done a 5k, try a 10k
If you’ve done a 10k, run 13.1
If you’ve done a half marathon, go for 20 +
If you’ve run a marathon, try your first 50k!

Jason did the Peak Races 53 mile trail run!

He says: “That course was crazy!’”

Jason was one of about 100 athletes that tackled the 50k and 53 mile race in Vermont.  That took the place of his long run day.  53 miles of technical gnarly trails is long enough.  Nice job, Barn Beast!

She says: “Love my long running days, is it really 90 degrees out?”

I did a little over 20 and it was hot so I took it pretty easy.  I love the path I took through a local park.  I didn’t push too hard, just enjoyed it.

Soundtrack: Rumours by Fleetwood Mac (the whole album)

Day 19:

1 Minute – Weighted Situps
30 seconds – Flutter Kicks
1 Minute – Rollouts
1 Minute – Plank
1 Minute – Russian Twists with medicine ball
1 Minute – side plank right/left side
one mile c/d run

He says: Recovery day!

Jason just finished a 53 mile technical trail run.  He took Sunday off.  You don’t want to do damage after such a big race day.

IMAG0499She says:  I love getting to use my T-Rex. (Yes, I named my sand bag) I finished this workout and ran some hills with T-Rex over my shoulder.  My legs felt really good even after my long run so I threw some heavy stuff around.  It was a woman power kind of day.

Soundtrack: Still Counting – by Volbeat

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    Hi guys!

    I just found out about Spartan Races thanks to my former athletic trainer at my high school, and am really hoping to register for one in August. Anyway, I was wondering if you guys have links to the WOD 30 day challenges from the start? (Days 1-17 I guess it would be now…) or if there’s a way I can find all of them in one place? Also, do you have any specific ways or suggestions of ways to start getting myself ready for a 5k Spartan Race, other than lots of running?

    Thanks a lot! :)

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      Hey Nellie – once we get through the 30 day challenge, we’ll have a wrap up! Thanks for signing up and for sticking with it!!!

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      23:0580 reps (oops) at 110# (25#weight vest + 85# bar) = 8,800 Lbssubbed 1500m row for run because my left foot is still tgniling. I cannot do basic math when lifting. I thought I was at about 800# and thought, How will anyone get to 9,000? Thanks Jimmy for coaching me through the rows.SIGN UP FOR FOOD OR DRINKS!!!!! YOU DON’T NEED TO SPECIFY WHAT YOU WILL BRING JUST WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE CATEGORY SO WE AREN’T FLOODED WITH TOO MUCH OF ONE THING.

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! It gives me inpiration to continue!

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