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[Editor’s note: If you think your gym can give the Spartans a WOD that will challenge us, email with a 2 minute video that includes a demo of your WOD and an email description of the WOD itself and why it’s Spartan Strong and you may find yourself on our blog and FB page!]

I headed to Omaha Nebraska’s Forged Athlete Gym for a good ol’ fashioned ass kicking last week and owner’s Travis Stoetzel and Joe Chizek treated me and my friend Casey to a really awesome workout!  These guys mean business and they train hard and aggressive!  Loved every minute of it!  I got to push a sled and even drag a tire filled with weight.  I felt like the Barn Beast for a second…

Travis blogged about it and I couldn’t have said it better myself so here it is in Travis’s own words from website –!  Thanks for a great day and a whole new brand of soreness I haven’t had in a while!

Spartan Training

by Travis Stoetzel

With the popularity of these HARDCORE races growing each and every month it seems, I was quick to accept the offer from some of the Spartan Race peeps when they asked me if they could come in to experience a intense workout at my gym, The Forged Athlete.

Of course I was quick to say YES!  I know what our type of training can do for an athlete that’s serious about their performance.

With Spartan Race, you want to be ready for anything.  You’ve got to be highly conditioned not only physically but also mentally.

With that being said, it’s time to get into the training session we hit for the Spartan Race…

1A) Prowler Sprints x 4 (Light and Fast – warm ups)

2A) KB/DB 1 Arm Snatch 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
2B) Box Jump 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

3A) Sandbag Push Press 4 x 6
3B) Strict Pull Ups 4 x submax

4A) Kettlebell Swings 3 x 15
4B) Handwalks 3 x max

5A) Heavy Slead Drags x 3

For the crazy endurance runners – run 2 miles post workout…

That’s not me icon wink Spartan Training I think the Spartan Race chicks did.

I went and had a Protein Shake instead icon wink Spartan Training

As you can see, there is NO edurance type stuff involved with this workout other than the pace of the workout.  It should be fast and aggressive.  You’ve got to ATTACK!

Even endurance type runners and athletes in general need to be training like this.  When you build up more strength, power, and athleticism, you’ll build up more endurance as well.

Just about 6 months ago or so I ran a 5K without ever having run over a mile in my life and I got a pretty solid time of around 21 mins or so.  Not bad for never really running further than a mile!

This type of training works!

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