by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

Spartan Race is known, in part, for our challening WOD series (Workout of the Day).  We combine, speed, strength, endurance, and agility that is a well-rounded training approach.  In an effort to show you how we eat our own cooking, we embarked on a journey about 30 days ago to see how two very different athletes manage the Spartan WOD’s for 30 full days in a serie we called “He says, She Says.”. Carrie Adams aka Shawty Spartan and Jason Jaksetic aka the Barn Beast got to work for 30 days bringing you the play by pay.  Here’s the wrap up and list including an epic soundtrack!   Get some, Spartans!  To sign up to receive them directly in your inbox go to

This 30 days is a great program to get you either in fighting shape, get you ready for a race (Carrie and Jason both had races during their 30 days) or off the couch and feeling better.  We each have individual goals, different terrain, equipment, etc.  Do what you can to make it work and push yoursevles!  Send us your videos and pictures of you going through the challenge and getting Spartified and get signed up for a race!

She says: There comes a time in your life when you have what you want or you have excuses and reasons why you don’t.  If you haven’t started, start today.  If you have been training, go further, faster, and push harder.  Whatever it takes.

He says: Always go too far, because that’s where you’ll find the truth

Day 1:

WOD: 5-17-2011

4 x 100 lunges ( 50 each leg)

2x 50 crunches

7×10 push-ups

2 x 50 crunches

4 x 50 b/w squats

2 x 50 crunches

25 chin ups

Soundtrack: “The Bleeding” by Five Finger Death Punch

Day 2:


Carrie and Kennedy

WOD: 5-18-2011

Five rounds: 800m, 15 thrusters, 15 upright rows

Soundtrack:  “This is War”  by 30 Seconds to Mars

Day 3:

WOD: 5-19-2011

Fartlek’s Run

‘hard’ = above lactate threshold/race pace/NOT conversation pace
10 min w/u
2 min hard
1 min jog
4 min hard
2 min jog
6 min hard
3 min jog
4 min hard
2 min jog
2 min hard
1 min jog
(repeat as needed)
10 min c/d

Soundtrack: “Regulate” by Warren G

Day 4:

WOD: 5-20-2011

CrossFit The Mary

As many rounds as you can do in 20 minutes.

  • 5 Handstand push-ups
  • 10 1-legged squats
  • 15 Pull-ups

Soundtrack: “Thunderstruck” AC/DC

Day 5:


Triathlon Day!

WOD: 5-21-2011

WOD: How many push-ups can you consistently do each minute for one hour?
Easy to start doing 10 a minute…but can your finish? 600?

Note: Carrie had a triathlon on this day!  Race day!

Day 6:

WOD: 5-22-2011

Hill repeats.
Few things generate explosive power, VO2 max, muscular endurance, & management of pain better than well performed hill workouts.
Suggestion -Find a hill that takes between 45-60 seconds to sprint up full speed.
20 min w/u jog
4-10 repeats up hill, sprinting on 2 min recovery
15 min c/d jog
(Recommendation: Line up 4-10 pieces of logs/builders at bottom of hill for transport to top!)

Soundtrack: I’m Coming Back – Citizen Cope

Day 7:

WOD: 5-23-2011

CrossFit: The Nicole

400 m and max rep pull-ups
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.
c/d 10 minute jog
Note number of pull-ups completed for each round.

Soundtrack: One Day –Matisyahu

Day 8:

WOD: 5-24-2011

“Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.”
— Henry Rollins
Let’s destroy our legs. w/u jump rope 10 minutes. Run 2 miles. 100 lunges. Run 2 miles. 100 squats. Run 2 miles. Sprint 400m. c/d one mile

3 sets of 10 wall walks

Soundtrack: Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd (From The Wall)

Day 9:

WOD: 5-25-2011

w/u one mile
Run 800 hard
20 Squat jumps
Run 800 hard
20 box jumps
Run 800 hard
20 Tuck jumps
Run 800 hard
20 Lateral Jumps over box
c/d Run 1 mile
Figure 8 abs with medicine ball – 60 seconds
Plank 5 mins

Soundtrack: Erase my Scars by Evans Blue

Day 10:

WOD: 5-26-2011

CrossFit Hero Workout: Daniel
Dedicated to Army Sgt 1st Class Daniel Crabtree who was killed in Al Kut, Iraq on Thursday June 8th 2006.  He left behind a wife and daughter.  We are so grateful for his sacrifice.
For time:
50 Pull-ups
400 meter run
95 pound Thruster, 21 reps
800 meter run
95 pound Thruster, 21 reps
400 meter run
50 Pull-ups

Soundtrack: “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood

Day 11:

WOD: 5-27-2011

The Griff  In honor of USAF SSgt Travis L. Griffin, 28, who was killed April 3, 2008 in the Rasheed district of Baghdad by an IED strike to his vehicle. Travis is survived by his son Elijah.

Four rounds for time

Run 800m forwards

Run 400m backwards

Run 800m forwards

Run 400m backwards

Soundtrack: “If You’re Reading This” -Tim McGraw

Day 12:

WOD: 5-28-2011


For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y.  Murphy was killed in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005 supporting Operation Red Wing.  Lt. Murphy was awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor.  Lt. Murphy loved this workout, even nicknaming it, “Body Armor.”  Murphy liked to wear body armor or a weighted vest when he did it… 20 pounds is about right.

Soundtrack: “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down

Day 13:

WOD: 5-29-2011

The USMC Physical Fitness Test
w/u run a mile
Pull ups until you drop (Spartan women too no flexed arm hang)
Crunches in two minutes
Three mile run – for time.
c/d run another mile
Not enough? Do it again.

Soundtrack: “Stronger” Emphatic

Day 14:

WOD: 5-30-2011

Run ten miles.

Soundtrack: “The Final Countdown” by Europe

Day 15:

WOD: 5-31-2011

CrossFit: The Helen

Three rounds for time:

  • 400 meter run
  • 1.5 pood Kettlebell swing x 21
  • Pull-ups 12 reps

Soundtrack: “The Longest Day” by Iron Maiden

Day 16:

WOD: 6-1-2011

Death Racer and overall BADASS Katy McCabe threw down this sick challenge for us!  She even taught us how to make our own sandbag!  Click HERE for instructions!

The Katya (Includes Soundtrack)

Johnny Cash “God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Placebo “Running Up That Hill

Awolnation “Sail

Warm Up 10 minutes of 80 lb. sand bag Turkish Get-ups
Three rounds for time:
RUN a 50lb. sand bag out 250 meters sprint back
21 – wall burpees
15 – pull ups
9 – sand bag squat cleans
Rotate the order of burpees, pull ups, and squat cleans each round.
c/d run 2 miles

Day 17:

WOD: 6-2-2011

8 rounds
1 mile run
10 pull ups
10 push ups
20 crunches

Soundtrack: “Holding On” by Citizen Cope

Day 18:

WOD: 6-3-2011


If you’ve done a 5k, try a 10k
If you’ve done a 10k, run 13.1
If you’ve done a half marathon, go for 20 +
If you’ve run a marathon, try your first 50k!

Jason did the Peak Races 53 mile trail run!

Carrie did about 24 and then did a nice little recovery swim.

Soundtrack: Rumours by Fleetwood Mac (the whole album)

Day 19:

WOD: 6-3-2011

1 Minute – Weighted Situps
30 seconds – Flutter Kicks
1 Minute – Rollouts
1 Minute – Plank
1 Minute – Russian Twists with medicine ball
1 Minute – side plank right/left side
one mile c/d run

Soundtrack: Still Counting – by Volbeat

Day 20:


200 lunges
100 push-ups
5 minute plank
200 squats (weights, sandbag, or body weight)
max out pull ups
5 minute plank

Soundtrack: “Hear Me Now” by Hollywood Undead.

Day 21:

WOD: 6-6-2011

1 mile w/u
main set x 3-8
(for time)
400 meters hard run then 50 burpees
1-2 minutes recover
50 burpees, then 400 meter hard run
1-2 minutes recover
1-2 miles c/d

Soundtrack: “When I Get You Alone” by Robin Thicke

Day 22:

WOD: 6-7-2011

“Everyone thinks his own burden heavy.” -French proverb
1) Weight up (Jason fills back packs with rocks, Carrie prefers sand bags)
2) Find gnarly terrain. (Stair climber works too)
3) Go have fun for 1 hr. Don’t worry about distance. Repeat tough sections till you cry, or breath deep and enjoy a nice mountain walk. Just weight up, is all!

Soundtrack: “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry

Day 23:

WOD: 6-8-2011

100 push-ups
100 burpees
25 pull ups
5 minute plank
(for time)
Stretch everything out
Do 2 or 3 sets if desired

Soundtrack: “Good Day to Die” by Godsmack

Day 24:

WOD: 6-9-2011

Long run.
Don’t focus on distance or speed. Duration is your concern. Get out and keep the heart pounding!



Barn Beast Epic Night on the Trails

Jason spent 24 hours Death Race Training

Carrie spent 2 hours trail running and then 20 minutes on the stair climber.

Soundtrack: “Let the Drummer Kick” by Citizen Cope

Day 25:

WOD: 6-10-2011

w/u gradual during a 3-4 mile run
max # lunges in 5 minutes
max # push-ups in 5 minutes
max # of burpees in 5 minutes
recover 3 minutes between each exercise

Soundtrack: “Baptize Me” by the Exies

Day 26:

WOD 6-15-11
Schedule a morning & evening session. Or workouts at least 4 hours apart. These sessions compliment each other as to rip your upper body up.
Morning: 3 sets of push-ups (max out reps) with 5 min recovery

Soundtrack: “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele

Day 27:

WOD 6-14-11 guest appearance! Forged Athlete gym in Omaha, NE gets it done today!

w/u Prowler Sprints x 4
super sets
2A) KB/DB 1 Arm Snatch 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
2B) Box Jump 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
3A) Sandbag Push Press 4 x 6
3B) Strict Pull Ups 4 x submax
4A) Kettlebell Swings 3 x 15
4B) Handwalks 3 x max
5A) Heavy Sled (tire) Drags x 3
Run two miles

Soundtrack: “Demon Speeding” by Rob Zombie.

Gym: Forged Athlete in Omaha, Nebraska

Day 28:

WOD: 300 lunges
300 burpees
300 body weight squats

Soundtrack: “Sound of Madness” by Shinedown

Day 29:


WOD: Get some! The CrossFit Chelsea….5 pull ups,
10 push ups and
15 air squats every minute on the minute for 30 minutes….

Soundtrack: “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks

Day 30:


WOD w/u jog
10 pull ups
50 squats (body weight, sand bags, or weights)
50 burpees
Repeat 3 to 5 times

Soundtrack: “I Got ID” by Pearl Jam

She says: My t-rex arms are a thing of a past!  I’ve got some work to do, but the commitment to all the upper body work has definitely made a difference.  My actual body shape is different and my endurance has been greatly enhanced by adding so many strength elements.  CrossFit is RAD!  I am so glad I found it! I am now the proud owner of a sandbag, a large tire, and a sledgehammer.

He says:  I had some major races coming up including the Peak 53 and and the Death Race – that’s actually starting up Friday, June 2, so wish me luck!  It’s amazing what you can do without a gym or a track.  Logs, bags of rocks, and my favorite mountain in Vermont did the job.

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