WOD for Tuesday, 6.19.12 brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition

~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call

The Total-Body Track Workout

Hobie and I have a very exciting WOD to share with you this week. This comes straight from Hobie Call’s select stable of race specific workouts and is compliments of our Conquer Any Course website.

If you’re sick of the gym and would rather train outside, this WOD rocks!

The beauty in this workout, is that you have stations marked around the track and it’s up to you to get to each station and perform each station exercise as quickly as you can.

We’ve set a time frame around today’s WOD, based on your race specific goal. If you are a well-conditioned athlete, who is use to training with high intensity output and you’re out to conquer a 5k Spartan Sprint, try to get this workout done within 30 minutes time.

If you are up against a race that typically takes 2 or more hours to complete, make today’s workout a 90-minute-gig.

Here’s the deal-

–For those of you who are shooting for a workout time between 30 to 60 minutes, we want you to plan on performing an exercise every 400 meters.

–If you’re looking at a 60 to 90 minute workout duration, plan on performing an exercise every 800 meters.


First Station: Perform 15 Hindu pushups – as you can see from the 3 pics on the left, you begin in a high push-up start position – your rear end is pushed high into the sky, now slide forward, without allowing your body to touch the floor and move fluidly into the full body extension. Pop your rear right back up and move on to your next repetition.


Second Station: Perform 15 jump-style Burpees (To make this super challenging, turn the jump into a standing long jump) – just be sure to be mindful that you will be jumping for distance and not as much for height.


Third Station: Perform 10 Pull-Ups (If you’re feeling exhausted, you may use your legs to pop off the ground for assistance – only if you need to!)



Fourth Station: Perform 15 thrusters (Use 20 or more pounds of resistance). You can use a variety of objects i.e. rock, sandbag, tire, log, dumbbells, etc.

The pic on the left, demonstrates the lower position of the exercise. Notice how she’s sitting back, knees are kept behind the toes and her elbows are nearly touching her knees. At this point, with no rest, she stands up and thrusts that sand bag (or whatever object you’re using) up, overhead, at full elbow extension.


Okay, now. After you perform each of the four exercises, you must now perform 10 Lunges (5 each leg), using a full range of motion – do this before you begin your next track run.

As you may have already assumed, The Total-Body Track Workout was designed to be executed using a higher intensity – we’re talking the degree of intensity that you’d be using on the actual Spartan Race course… that means no rest or breaks (unless of course you need them!).


Now, if your particular obstacle course event exceeds the 2 hour plus mark, it is important that you pace yourself! We do not want you working at such a high intensity, that you end up having to stop half way around the track to catch your breath. Train smart – here, that means training with just a bit less intensity, so that you may preserve your fuel and get through your entire workout without the need for breaks. You must practice maintaining a steady intensity output  and pace and this will help you conquer that race course.

If you find that you are pushing too hard and that you are in need of more rest, take a break, refocus your strategy and begin again.

Progressive Achievement: When you do eventually discover a race pace that allows you to get through the entire workout, using a mid-to-high intensity output, rather than increase your reps or decrease your time, instead add a weight vest to the mix! Begin by using lighter weight increments – try four to six pounds added to the vest and try to increase during each successive workout.

If you’re wondering how you’re to perform Pull-Ups on a track, here’s the deal. Run out to a hardware store and grab a 12-foot roll of 3/4-1½ inch rope.

Lasso it up and throw that bad boy up and over the goal post, making sure that each end that hangs over is balanced in length. If you still have a weak hand-grip, you may tie knots in to each side, allowing you to grip the knot ball.

For those of you who are completely new to this style of training, please be smart and cut the workout time down into something that you believe you can handle. Finding your own workout threshold may mean going on a discovery of what you can and can’t handle. Pay attention to what your body can and cannot achieve and listen to what your body is telling you. If you push too hard, too early on in the game, it could easily mean, game over. Be smart and train smart!

Beginners: Start out by performing 5 repetitions of each of the four exercises, plus lunges. You can effectively gauge the amount of intensity that you’re using by how long it takes for your body to recover between exercises and workouts.

Listen, if you find that you’re not almost fully recovered from your workouts, post 2-3 days, you’re either pushing too hard or you’re not getting enough rest between workouts.

As always, Hobie and I would love to know how you did with today’s Total-Body Track Workout. Please share.

Keep Going!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call


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    Great workout! I did something like this on my own a few months ago and it was very difficult. I do have a quick question though and would love a response. Are you running the 400m, then doing all of the exercises, and then repeating? Or, are you doing the 400m, and one of the exercises and then a different one on the next set?

    Thanks so much!

    • avatar

      The objective is to complete 1 exercise in between runs.
      The station for each exercise should be set up at spots around the track or area where you will be running.
      Example: run 400m, complete Hindu pushups; RUN, complete standing burpees or standing long jumps; RUN, complete pull ups; and so on.
      The more advanced you are-the faster your pace should be.
      Separate the stations so you will become race ready by covering real ground distance between exercises. This will really payoff at the obstacles involving sandbags or rope climbs.

      Train hard guys and gals

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      It says under “Here’s the Deal”, first bullet point to perform an excercise every 400 meters. So once around the track and then first station. Then another time around, 2nd station, etc. Good luck!

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    I got a gym workout for you to try. Do in order:

    10 minutes incline treadmill (above 4.0 incline) 60-70% of max speed.

    Barbell Step-up: 3 sets of 10
    Farmers Walk: 3 sets of 100 feet

    Do another 10 minutes incline treadmill (above 4.0 incline) 70-80% of max speed.

    Barbell Split Squats: 3 sets of 12 each foot
    Dumbbell Row: 3 sets of 10

    Final 10 minutes incline treadmill (above 4.0 incline) 80+% of max speed

    Pull-Up: 3 sets of your max reps
    Plank: 2 sets of plank to your max (intense workout: single leg plank)

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    I’m excited to try this workout..I’m curious to see how I do. Just gotta run out and buy a sandbag(my preference) and a rope. I love the advice and the attitude you share…thanks!!!

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    Its not completely clear if you perform all four plus lunges between each 400 m or just one exercise/station per 400m. Thanks for clarifying.

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      I am reading it as:

      Run 400m, do 15 hindu pushups + 10 lunges
      Run 400m, do 15 jump burpees + 10 lunges
      and so on …

      Cycle thru the exercises until you reach the goal of 30 – 60 mins

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    I like the hardnes and bravry
    And his voice AROO AROO

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    Hey Ari. You are running the 400m, then doing all of the exercises, and then repeating. Listen, the most important thing here is safety. We don’t want someone who isn’t YET conditioned enough to take something like this on when they’re clearly not ready.

    We’re fine with improvising – So, doing the 400m, and one of the exercises and then a different one on the next set is fine to begin with…
    It’s all about progressive achievement; building up by changing up the variables.

    If you need more clarification, hit me up, buddy.

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    Hey Dean. The last post should have adequately answered your question. If not, let me know, bro.

    Thanks Gang…Keep Going!

  8. avatar

    Thanks so much for the quick response Mr. Villepigue! That’s kind of what I assumed but just wanted to be sure. These Gaspari WOD’s that Hobie and yourself put together are definitely my favorite ones, so keep em coming.

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    How many times are you repeating the exercise if you’re trying for 30 mins? Thanks, Chad

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    Is it ok to work out if I am slightly sore from the day before or will it be more detrimental to my progress?

  11. avatar

    Love this idea = no gym and outside = smiles

  12. avatar

    Will do, Ari! Thank you, pal!

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