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by Jason Jaksetic

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Strength comes from struggle.  Adaptation is at the root of all development – there is no growth without demands on the body that necessitate change.  There are no secret pills or magic gizmos that will get your ripped – only the inner determination to throw yourself into and through situations beyond your normative routine will result in increases in fitness..  We hope that these WODs spark your imagination as to how far and in what ways you can push.  Diversity in training will result in diversity as an athlete.  Creativity in training will result in the creation of a dynamic and unstoppable racer.  An ability to successfully respond to a panoply of adverse conditions is requisite in Spartan Races – never get comfortable, always keep pushing.

This is why we want to equip your with the tools to get the job done.  Whenever you are stuck for a new workout, just swing on by here.  Enjoy Spartans!



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    5-15x 400 meter
    What does that mean? I get the 400 meter part just confused with 5-15

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    Started my new workout conditioning routine yesterday 8/6/12 with my first WOD. I start out every morning with my weighted vest. The vest itself weighs 2.5 lbs and there are 15-4lb weights that go in the vest which is 60lbs.. So I have 8lbs in the vest plus the vest which is 10.5lbs. I hit one body part a day on my bowflex revolution 7 days a week. Then go right to burpees and do as many as I can, I am up to 50 and try to do 5 more every day. After work do the WOD which was 8.6.12 I did 2 sets of the first one… Warm up ruun 10 min with 60 jumping jacks. Also all my runs are set to 5% incline on treadmill. Then I ran hard 1/4 mile then did 30 burpees, 30 jump squats, 30 pushups and went through it twice. This will be my routine until I die I guess… Weighted vest, Bowflex, Burpees, WOD, Ab crunches, and train with Joe and Jason every week… Training for the Beast and Death Race…

    Do Burpees

    Spartan Hurricane

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