by Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams

1 mile w/u
main set x 3-8
(for time)
400 meters hard run then 50 burpees
1-2 minutes recover
50 burpees, then 400 meter hard run
1-2 minutes recover
1-2 miles c/d

She says: “Burpeeeeeees…. I hate the burpees.  Oh, alright…”

I am finding that I am sore every morning from these crazy workouts.  It’s finding comfort in constant discomfort.  My body is definitely getting pounded.  I’m also training for some longer runs so I’m tacking mileage on as often as possible.  The burpees, though, ugh.  So brutal.  I’m learning to love them – even in 1,000 degree heat.

Soundtrack: “When I Get You Alone” by Robin Thicke

He says: “One more day to recover!  I just ran a badass trail run!  I’ll be back.”

200 lunges
100 push-ups
5 minute plank
200 squats (weights, sandbag, or body weight)
max out pull ups
5 minute plank

He says: “Yes, that’s just what my legs needed was a brutalizing workout.  Thanks Spartan Race WOD.”

After running a technical trail run in the mountains one looks forward to getting back into training and what better way to do that than by beating up my legs that are still recovering.  Did I mention I have the Death Race in two weeks?  Keep it coming!

She says: “Let’s kick this up a notch.”

All my lunges are traveling and weighted these days.  So 20 lb. dumb bells in each hand is how I rolled through this.  I’m also getting a lot of mileage out of my homemade sandbag T-Rex.  Thank you, Katy McCabe.  I used that bad boy for the squats.  Pull ups are still a “problem”.  I squeaked out six unassisted this time though.  I’m getting better!  I then cranked out another 20 assisted ones.

Soundtrack: “Hear Me Now” by Hollywood Undead.

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