WOD for Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition

~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call


Ok, let’s get rough & tough with today’s Spartan WOD. This isn’t for the faint of heart, so if you’re just starting out, please be sure to dial the intensity back and saty safe. For you advanced Spartan’s, no excuses!

Here’s the deal. I love training my clients using a timer and use of various work-to-rest ratios. Working in this manner does a few powerful things. First, using a timer with a beeper indicator, allows you the trainee to know when to work and when to stop. Using a tool like a timer with sound alerts allows you to focus fully on your output and takes away any need for manually keeping tabs on time.

I use a work-to-rest ratio for both resistance-training exercises along with many cardio-based movements. We’re interested in conditioning here and I’ve found that this style of training allows you to achieve top-level stamina, muscular endurance and the perfect amount of strength to get through, over and under any obstacle in your way.

When it comes to running races, you can’t get away from the fact that running, jogging and even sprinting should be a part of your training regimen. Like any worthy 5K or half marathon running plan, your success with covering longer distances relies on your consistency and progression. Over the next few week’s we will begin to cover some powerful ways to enhance your running time and distance building.

So, let’s get to it – Another fast and furious Spartan WOD Burst Bout!

Today, we’re going to set that Timer, which can be a smart phone app or my personal preference, a GymBoss Timer to 60 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest.

I like today’s WOD, because we’re giving you a double whammy of same group muscle Bursts.

Here’s Your List Of The Rapid Fire Movements…

1.  Pushups – Rigid spine, tight core, nose to the ground & full elbow extension on each repetition – Take an empty water bottle and place it on the floor at chest level – You don’t stop lowering until you hear that plastic crunch!

2.  Punches – Straight punches as fast as you can – Do NOT lock out elbow – these may appear to be easy, but they are not!

3.  Chinups – If you don’t have access to a gym, get yourself a solid metal pole from a Home Depot or Lowes style store and place the pole on top of two chair seats – separate seats by about 3 feet – Lay on your back with legs fully extended out, reach up and take an underhand shoulder width grip on the pole and pull your body up, brining your chest toward the pole – As you exhaust, bend at the knees and progressively walk your feet in without stopping the chin action.

4.  Punches With Weight – Same as above, but now hold on to two light dumbbells or something like two filled water bottles.

5. Sumo squats – Take a double hip width stance, angle your toes outward, knees are slightly bent to start, abs tight, chest out, shoulders pulled back and down and head looking up on a slight angle. Choose a weight (two dumbbells) that is challenging. If you need to drop the weight as you progress, do it…just don’t stop! If you have no weight, it means bodyweight and double time reps for you!

6.  Speed squats – Just like you’d imagine! Feet are now about hip width apart and follow same postural alignment as the Sumo Squat. Keep the motion moving!

7.  Seated shoulder press – Take hold of two dumbbells that will challenge you. Sit with back totally straight. If you don’t have a 90 degree back support, I need you to maintain a rigid and straight spine. You can achieve this by keeping your abs tight, chest out and shoulders pinned back and down – Also, keep that head up to help maintain that rigid and upright spine. Thrust dumbbells up and into position, where palms are facing forward, elbows are wide and forearms are at 90-degrees. Press dumbbells up in a slow and controlled motion. Don’t stop at the top or bottom positions. No need to bring the bottoms of arms (triceps) lower than parallel. By the way, if you don’t have access to dumbbells, I want you to perform Pushup Shoulder Press  -Simply take a pushup position, but raise your rump high in the air, so that your upper body is almost vertical to the floor – Focus on allowing the shoulders to raise and lower your body.

8.  Jumping jack flash with front & side raises – Standard jumping jack action, but as you jump the legs out, instead of thrusting the arms out to the sides, begin with a front arm raise and during the next jump, thrust them out to the sides…back and fourth! As the name implies, perform these as fast as you can!

9.  Choose Your Exercise – That’s right, choose your weapon! It can be your favorite abdominal exercise or perhaps an agility based movement. I LOVE throwing rapid-fire jump rope in here.

10.  Choose Your Exercise – Same as above.

Perform 3 bouts = 42 Minutes

Here’s today’s Burst Bout recap: Timer set to 60/20. Make sure to add your two choice exercises!

Please have some cool water and a towel with you. This WOD is no joke!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call

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    For the chin-ups if you don’t have access to the gym, I’m sure I’ve got a better way. Open any door that does not automatically close. Hang from the top of the door with your fingers. Kick your feet back. Relax your arms so you hang all the way down. As you pull yourself up, push your knees into the door. This will prevent the front of your torso from uncomfortably sliding against the door, by pushing it away.

    Did you slip off the wet monkey bars on your last Spartan Race, and have to do 30 burpees?? This will strengthen your fingers so maybe that won’t happen again.

    Cool sports gadgets at http://www.gadgetsgo.com/Outdoor-Sports-Fitness-Recreation-Products-Gadgets/

    P.S. Cristobal, did your read this??

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    For the last two exercises, I have a suggestion for everyone:
    9. 8-count bodybuilders. Here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxQT-wZdP28
    10. Flutter kicks, or something ab-intensive. Link for these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv8drdaRWL8

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    Running rufuses team
    Will be going for 30
    Minutes to bust this out today!!!

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    Hey gang. Great inout from Ross & Tony. Ross, I love your idea, but just want to caution Spartan’s about hanging from the small ledge of a door frame.

    I know if nightmare situations, where people doing similar movements have fallen to their knees and sustained serious injury.

    I personally love performing this exact movement, but I ALWAYS make sure the upper door frame ledge will support my 240 pound body weight. They often don’t, so it’s seldom that I perform them this way.

    Just looking out. Thanks again Ross & Tony!

    Keep Going!

    James Villepigue

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    WOD 4-18-12 CINDY 17 rounds…THIS IS SPARTA

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