WOD for Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call


Hey gang! Todays’ Spartan WOD is once again brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition, pioneers in sports supplementation, including pre-race, intra-race and post-race performance.

Today’s WOD is a metabolic resistance training Burst Bout – In other words, we’ll be using resistance during each exercise Burst, but moving at a rapid pace to ensure an intense cardiorespiratory effect.

Your objective should be to try and use a ton of weight – you can use heavy weights, but please don’t sacrifice the quality of the exercise Burst for quantity, as your results will suffer. Choose a weight that is challenging, but something that you believe you can handle for the duration of today’s 40-second work time Bursts.

If you find that you must stop during your work time, then listen to your body and stop, BUT, if you don’t need to stop, then don’t quit! If you do need a breath, take it and then get right back into the Burst for the remaining work time.

Your goal with these types of metabolic resistance training workouts is to progressively add weight or repetitions during each successive workout – In other words, let’s say you used 40 pound dumbbells for the Incline Dumbbell Press and did 15 repetitions, the next time you perform that exercise during a WOD, either jump up to 45 pound dumbbells or shoot for 20 reps…or do both! If you did a Pull-up during today’s WOD and hit a 20-rep mark, next time shoot for more.

So, let’s get to it! Each of today’s Burst Bouts exercises will be performed using a 40/10 Work-to-rest ratio. Advanced exercisers should perform 3-5 Bouts aka Rounds of the 12 exercise Bursts. Beginners can start with 1-2 bouts and take it from there.

So that’s 40-seconds of non-stop work time and no more then 10 seconds rest as you transition from one movement to the next.

Again, remember: You want to keep the movements fast and smooth, but remember to always go at YOUR OWN PACE!

If you ever feel dizzy, nauseous or just weird, STOP, assess your condition and take it from there.

Here are your WOD Burst Bouts Exercises – 40/10 W-T-R

1.  Step-Ups – Set up either a workout bench or at least a sturdy chair or some other type of platform to step up onto. Remember to force the stepping leg to do all of the work and do not push off the back foot for help! Alternate legs.

2.  Chin-Ups – You’d be surprised where you can do a chin-up or pull-up. Look in your home for a sturdy ledge or outside for a fairly low hanging horizontal branch. Make it fun and challenging!

3.  Incline Chest Press – If you don’t have a bench, fold a bunch of towels up and prop your upper torso up, so that it’s angled from the floor – This angled position will allow you to focus in on the upper chest muscles and front shoulders.

4.  Piston Presses – Sit upright in a chair or 90 degree bench. Press one arm up at a time, creating that piston motion effect. This will both force each side of your body to work hard and will also engage the core to maintain that upright-seated position.

5.  Narrow Stance Squats – For focus on the outer quadriceps, take a less than shoulder width stance. When you squat down, really push the toosh out, stick your chest out and bring your shoulders back and down to ensure proper posture. Keep those knees behind the toes. Go as low as you can, getting as close to parallel, to really engage those legs and glutes!

6.  Pull-Ups – Same as chins.

7.  Flat Fly – You can either set up a bench or even lay flat on the floor for this one. One of my favorite pieces of training gear is a blow up fitness ball AKA Swiss Ball. They are incredibly versatile and quite inexpensive. Remember, that when you fly, you are only supposed to be moving from the shoulder joint and not extending or flexing at the elbows. As you’re bringing the dumbbells together, imagine hugging around a tree – This arching motion will help to keep the focus on the chest muscles.

8.  Upright Row – Take hold of two dumbbells and take a hip width stance, with feet straight, knees slightly bent, abs tight, chest pushed out and shoulders pulled back and held down. Bring the dumbbells in front of your body with palms facing your thighs. Now, lead the motion with the elbows angled up and out to the sides of your body and drag the dumbbells up the length of your body, keeping them about two inches away from your body. Stop when you reach chin height. As you drag/pull the dumbbells up, allow your hands to flex down, so that the dumbbells are actually held by your fingers. If you try to keep your wrists straight, you could apply too much pressure to the wrist muscles and connective tissue.

9.  Close Grip Bench Press – Just like the traditional barbell bench press or dumbbell bench press, where you lay flat on a bench or on the floor, but here you want to keep those elbows held in tight to the sides of your body. Now press the dumbbells up and focus on keeping the resistance upon the triceps muscles. The more you think about contracting your triceps, the more likely you’ll be to really fire them up!

10.  Incline Dumbbell Curl – For this one, you can either keep those towels propped up or invest into that fitness ball we mentioned. Lay back to create that upper torso angle and allow the arms to hang straight down to the floor (yes, your body will have to be adequately elevated to allow this). With arms fully extended, you will feel a nice stretch in the biceps muscles. Now flex at the elbow and keep those elbows pointing directly toward the floor throughout the movement. As you reach the midpoint of the exercise, contract aka “flex” your biceps muscles as hard as you can and then return to the start position.

11.  Dumbbell Kickbacks – I love this exercise, because it forces those triceps to really work hard. It’s easy for the chest to take over during most triceps exercises and with this one, those tris will be forced to do the muscle hustle! ;-) Take a pair of dumbbells that aren’t too heavy – Guys, put the ego top the side and trust me on this! Hold the dumbbells in a neutral position, where your palms are facing the sides of your body. Now, bend over at the hips, arch your lower back to create a tight and maintained lumbar curve, bend at the knees, keep your abs tight, chest out and pin your elbows against the side of your body, so that your upper arm (Humerus) is positioned horizontal to the floor). With the elbows pinned and your lower arms (Ulna, Radius & Hands/DB’s) hanging down vertically, contract the triceps and extend at the elbows, bringing the dumbbells back and even with upper arms. Make sure to briefly hold this position, by contracting the triceps muscles as hard as you possibly can!

12.  Reverse Curl
- Take a hip width stance, bend the knees slightly, bring elbows to the sides of your body and pin them there. Palms are facing behind you in a pronated grip. With abs tight, chest out and shoulders retracted back and down, flex at the elbows and reverse curl the dumbbells up. Make sure to keep those elbows pinned to your sides and focus on allowing the forearm muscles (Brachioradialis) and outer biceps (Brachialis) muscles to do the work. These are the muscles that often get injured during rope climbing and monkey bar obstacles and are usually due to a weakness in those arm muscles.

1 Minute Rest Between Bouts

As always, please have some cool water and a towel with you. Please let Hobie and I, know how you did!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call

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    I know I can far exceed anything I am doing now, but one thing holding me back! My shoulder is preventing me from doing more than I am now! I’m 41 and I will not get surgery! My pain is only when I do pull ups curls and bench. The burning and swelling in the front of my shoulder takes a while before it subsides. Is there anything I could do to homeopathically for this?? I do not take any OTCs or Pharmaceuticals.

    Thanks in advance

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    My daughter do gymnastic and one day she told me mami please tight your belly.She said to me your beautiful and you need loose weight. She is only 7 year old. After that day my life change i want to feel and look beautiful. I start go to the gym and take time for me to do exercise. but I saw my sister in law she did the spartan socal and inspired me to do. I don’t have personal trainer only go to the gym. I need help how to start prepared my self for this race on December also i want to demonstrate my kids that mom can do it and my personal goal is for me.

    I need help, i need to do this!!!
    Thanks Mariela

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