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~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call


Ready for today’s WOD? Hope So!

When it comes to race specific training, I love breaking up the monotony and keeping things fresh.

Switching things up and working on many training variables at once, is the essence of obstacle race training.

One of the things that I do to keep this constant flow is to often include jump rope (or any other fast paced endurance based movement) in between each of my resistance training exercises.

Call it active rest or no rest at all, whatever you call it, this is the flow that you’d optimally like to keep on the race course. If you’re a Spartan racer, then you’re likely in it to win it, so training with a high-intensity pace is the name of the game.

Today’s WOD will take place outside (rain or shine) and will consist of bodyweight resistance exercise combined with high output/short duration based cardio Bursts.

We want you to find a hill, preferably a grassy hill with a steep incline and long enough to allow an all out sprint. We’re not as concerned about the amount of time it takes you to get up that hill, as much as we are about making sure that you get up it as fast as that body can get you there.

The beautiful thing about uphill sprint training is that it happens to be one of the safest ways to perform high intensity interval training. When you run uphill, you limit the need for your legs to fully extend, which takes stress off of your knees and hips. The angled position upward provides resistance to your body, making moving and accelerating difficult, which limits the typical ballistic weight that bears down on joints when running on flat pavement.

Another thing that makes uphill springing so awesome, is that the more you use your arms to propel forward, the more speed and torque you gain and this now means that the upper body is also working hard. For you advanced Spartan’s, strap some wrist weights on when you sprint and use an over exaggerated arm swing just as much as you use those legs to move.

Okay, so, you will preform one body weight movement followed by an uphill sprint.

You will perform 20 reps on each bodyweight exercise and without rest, immediately follow-up with an uphill sprint.

Take one full minute to recover between this superset, but no more. Keep tabs on your rest time and stay focused. If you feel like you need to take a rest, take it, but if you don’t need a rest, then stay strong and DO NOT QUIT!

Here’s the list of exercises – 20 Reps/All Out Sprint Superset

1.  Incline Pushups – Simply position your body on the angled upward hill, facing up. This position will help transfer the bodyweight resistance to your upper pectoral and anterior shoulder muscles. Keep the spine straight and rigid. You can vary the width of you hand position on each Burst/Set. The wider your hands the more shoulder and outer pectoral muscle fiber recruitment and the narrower your hands, the more triceps and inner pec stimulation.


Uphill Sprint


2.  Angled Alternating Lunges – Begin with 10 uphill lunges (10 per leg) and then right to 10 downhill lunges. During the downhill lunges, be careful to control the negative (lowering aka the lunge downward) and step down far enough to keep the knee from going beyond the knee.


Uphill Sprint


3.  Downhill Shoulder Pushups  – Face down on a steep portion of the hill and take a pushup position with fully extended arms. This time, bend at your hips and stick your rear way up high, so that your upper and lower body forms an arch. This position will transfer the body resistance to your shoulders. If you have very difficult time performing these downhill, try them on flat ground or for even less difficulty try them facing uphill.


Uphill Sprint


4.  Hill Dips (Triceps) – Lay on your back with your feet facing up the hill. Now, bend at the knees and keep your feet flat on the grade incline. Do your best to take a sit-up position and quickly place your hands at your sides, with palms down and fingers facing behind you. Simultaneously push off with your feet and hands, so that your butt is elevated off the ground. Keep the elbows tight to the sides of your body and focus on the triceps as you lift and lower your rear off the ground. To make it more intense, try staying on your tip-toes through the 20 reps.


Uphill Sprint


5.  Downhill Plank – Exactly what you’d imagine it to be – Dig in and stay focused!


Uphill Sprint

Repeat All Sets 2-3 Times!

As always, please have some cool water, a towel and a timer with you.

Please don’t forger to let Hobie and I know how you did!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call

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    Great workout and I plan to try out it out tomorrow. One quick question about the form of the hill dips. For each rep, do you try and get into a sit-up position then do the dip or do you get into that position and from there do the 20 reps?

    Thanks for the WOD,

    Christopher Cundra

  2. avatar

    I had trouble keeping my knee from going beyond my knee. Anywhere my knee went, my knee just followed it. I mean, it never acutally went beyond it, so I guess I am ok.. =)

    Feel free to delete this message, I just wanted to let you know about the typo.

  3. avatar

    How many meters approximately should the sprint be? I’m doing Hal Higdon’s spring training plan and it says choose a 1/4 mile hill, will that work?

  4. avatar

    Got 3 sets in today. I use a sledding hill by Soldier Field. It’s the only hill in Chicago. It is short, but it’s plenty steep. I’m not certain I was doing the Hill Dips correctly. The planks were even more awesome with the biting flies! I was done in about 24 minutes.


  5. avatar

    LOL, ya Wise Guy! ;-) That was awesome! right! Don’t let those knees go behind your feet! Good catch!

    Stacey, 1/4 of a mile is fine – Work with what you’ve got. That’s what it’s all about!

    Christopher, the latter!

    Thanks gang!



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    This was my first WOD and I had my kids with me, so we raced up a short but steep grassy hill 3 times and then did the other parts of the workout. With it being my first, I only did one set…being able to move the next day was preferable to me haha. I hope to work up to 3 sets! Thank you for being an inspiration Hobie.

  7. avatar

    Great workout yesterday! Hit the hill near my house and living in Colorado, we have a lot of them. The kids walking home from school were watching wondering what I was doing. LOL!

    Looking forward to the race on Sunday in Colorado Springs!

  8. avatar

    I still don’t understand the shoulder pushups going down hill I’m a bit confused.

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