WOD for June 26th, 2012 brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition

~By James Villepigue CSCS & Hobie Call


How’s your conditioning coming along,  Spartans?

If you’re been following our weekly WOD and staying the course with the rest of your weekly WOD’s, you must be progressing at a steady pace and that’s awesome!

Today’s WOD is a tough 8 point exercise cycle. You’ll be performing 6 of the movements for 45 seconds of work time and you’ll have 15 seconds to make it from one exercise station to the next. The additional two exercises are treadmill work. If you don’t have access to a treadmill, even better…take it outside on some hilly & rugged terrain!

Here we go…

Set your timer to 45 seconds of work and to 15 seconds of rest. If you don’t have a timer, shoot for 15-20 repetitions per 45 second exercise burst.

If at any point during the circuit, you feel dizzy, nauseous or you cannot catch your breath, please be smart and stop! Take the time to assess your condition.

Here’s Your List of Movements…

45/15 W-T-R–

1-  DB or Trap Bar Deadlifts – I like dumbbells and the Trap bar because they allow you to use better form, as you are more centered during your lift…but I personally still prefer traditional Barbell style Deadlifts.

2-  Bicycle Abs – One of the moist effective abdominal/core exercises.


3-  Pull-Ups With Slow Negative (I want at least 10-12 reps – the slow negative will take up the long duration – if you begin to exhaust, you may jump up for the pull portion, BUT please allow a full negative)

4- Treadmill – 3 Minutes at 4 Incline and a steady moderate run

5- One Arm Alternating Barbell Push Press – Position an Olympic barbell with the unloaded end tucked into a corner. Be aware that you must secure that end with something very heavy, like a dumbbell or you can even have someone assist by standing on that end.

Add sufficient weight to the other side…the lifting side of the barbell, but me mindful of the fact that you will be switching arms every other repetition. Be smart and add less weight and simply move faster to help boost the exercise effect.

Place the weighted end of the bar on one shoulder with that arms elbow tucked back and kept tight to the body – the hand and wrist will be in a cocked position, ready to press the bar upward.

Today, we’re going to use a double hip width stance. I want the right leg in line with barbell, when the right arm is being used and the left leg in line with the barbell when the left arm is pushing.

Now, slightly bend at the knees and extend them and thrust/press the end of the barbell upward and forward until your right arm is fully extended. Use full body extension, your triceps and shoulders and your core musculature to heave that bar up!

Lower the bar, under control, back to the right shoulder and quickly switch the bar to the left side and repeat.

6- Perfect Push-Ups – (The first 10 Push-Ups are arm opposing leg lifts – in other words, when you reach the top position, seamlessly lift your right arm and your left leg at the same time and then quickly bring them back and lower for the next repetition  – next rep, switch the arm and leg for the lift. After 10 reps, the remaining time is spent banging out push-ups with perfect form, using a full range of motion! – put an empty water bottle just under your chest and make sure you hear it crackle each time you lower your body – Come to full elbow extension at the top!)

7-  Two Arm Dumbbell Row – Bend over at hips and drive those elbows back and up toward the ceiling – The more you concentrate on engaging your back muscles, the more you’ll feel them working and the more muscle fibers you will recruit.


8-  Treadmill 4 minute total – First 3 Minutes at 6 Incline and a steady moderate run – last 1 minute at a full sprint (relatively speaking and based on your level of conditioning)

1 Minute Rest at the end of the 8th exercise

Repeat 2 to 4 times!

2 Cycles = 28 Minutes

3 Cycles = 42 Minutes

4 Cycles = 56 Minutes

If you’re rockin this WOD at home and you don’t have access to certain pieces of equipment, no excuse to not do it! You can totally improvise by working with what you’ve got.

If you haven’t already, get yourself a timer.

Use a smart phone timer app or get yourself a Gymboss Timer

Set the GymBoss to 45/15 and as I always recommend, think about how much weight you’ll be using for the various exercises – this will help avoid delays with today’s workout.

Please remember to share your results under this post!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue & Hobie Call


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    2- Bicycle Abs –One of the *most effective abdominal/core exercises.

  2. avatar

    Another awesome one! Quick question: The last minute of exercise 8, which is a full sprint. Should that remain at a 6 incline?

    • avatar

      I would believe so,Ari. I too think this is an amazing workout. Doing it 4 times here soon. Aroo!

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        Revelation:Today, I did the Tempo WOD swimming. I tried to do it Rx’d @ 85% first 500 and 95% secnod 500yds. The problem is that I haven’t been in the pool for well over a year. I thought I was being conservative with a goal of 18min 1k pace, which had me shooting for 29sec per length for the first 500, and 26 for the 2nd half. The first few laps were really easy as that is not exactly a blazing pace, but I missed a flip turn and spent the rest of the time struggling to get back on pace. I was thrashing and trying to increase my stroke rate. So, the secnod half, I decided to keep the same pace and I got myself back on track. This time, I slowed my stroke rate and really concentrated on form. I kicked up much faster than the pace I had been struggling to hold just a few laps before. As I closed in on the final laps, it was a challenge to keep form and pace, but it was much better than I was at the half.This reminded me of how I felt at the Endurance Cert with running and the impact good form really has. This just reinforced the Do it Right, Faster, Longer approach. I’m glad I reincorporated swimming into my training as it is the discipline that best teaches and reteaches the importance of technique.

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    Too bad ass not to try it!! This is what keeps a Spartan going !! Bring it!

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    Just starting to train for Spartan Beast in October. This looks like a good workout.

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    great workout, didn’t have access to a treadmill so I did step ups off my fireplace for one set and jump roped for a second only because my 15month old was in the room with me otherwise I would have run outside.

    Thanks for the free workouts

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